Room Review – By @Holly_Georgious

Room Review 

A room is so much more than four walls and a door, it is a peak into your soul. It strikes me that maybe it is your house that reveals the most about a person. Their home is their story, the behind closed doors self, the true self. So here is what some of the rooms in my house mean to me. You never know maybe it will tell you something new. 

  1. Bathroom with a bath 

I love my bathroom with a bath. I call it bathroom with a bath because it’s the best way to distinguish it from the bathrooms without a bath. The Bathroom with a bath was one of my favourite rooms when we bought this house, warm floor and open space made it the go to hang out for friends. I suppose it is a little weird, to hang out with your friends on your bathroom floor, but for some reason it just felt right. With the door closed it was our own little world. A place of relaxation in a busy world. Now that we are older we don’t hang out it the bathroom with a bath as much…actually we don’t hang out in our bathroom with a bath at all. We have moved on to more socially acceptable places…

2. Kitchen one

Kitchen one is much like bathroom with a bath, exactly what it says on the tin, kitchen number one. The kitchen is said to the heart of the home, the social hub where friends sit and talk, families eat. Where birthday cakes are made and Sunday meals are eaten and champagne is poured and biscuits are baked to take to dad’s. Kitchen one is an amalgamation of old and new. It has old high ceilings and a big old fire place where green and blue flames dance each winter. But kitchen one is also new, it has a stainless-steel fridge and black slate floor, marble counters and long glass lights. It is where we gather round the table as a family talk and about our days.

  1. Sitting room 

The family room, the cuddle up on the sofa when you need a hug room. The sitting room is the closest room to my heart, maybe more so than my bedroom. With its big chandelier and my grandparents’ blanket and sofa our sitting room is a memories room. Its where I sat on the floor and made my SCA valentines surprise that got me in. It’s where you cuddle up on the sofa when you’re ill and where my friends come round and watch shit tv with me and my mum. It is where you place the gingerbread under the Christmas tree and where you wake up to find your birthday presents in the morning. The sitting room is the switch off the troubles outside room, the I love you and will keep you safe room, the celebrations room. 

  1. My bedroom 

How could I pick my favourite rooms without mentioning my bedroom. Located on two floors it stretches from the front to the back of the house letting it get sun all day long. My bedroom is not as calm or still as my mum’s room and it’s not as busy or manic as the kitchens, no, my bedroom is the perfect in between. The upstairs is calm and cosy, it is the site of mass sleepovers with nine uni friends all squished in a room, it is a movie night and duvet day wrapped in to one, it is the sun beating down on your face to wake you. The downstairs part, in contrast, is energy, it is fresh and awake. It is a sing at the top of your voice while you’re still in your towel room, a get ready for a night on the town room, a get ready in your PJs before you put your face mask room. But above all else my bedroom is a find all the treasures that are a part of me room. My room has gems that tell you about who I am. The more you look, the more you study it, the more you will learn. 

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