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By @MartinoMV   


I tidied up my room today.

And while sorting out dirty laundry, dusting the dust bunnies off the shelves, and binning the odd materials found under the bed, all I could think about is starting school in the next week or so… not very long to go.


And so I asked myself,

‘Martin, why are you thinking so much about school instead of thinking about bills, cars, girls, holidays, being rich and the other strange things you usually think about?’ These things I think about no doubt!


And I came to the conclusion that I am tired of thinking of the same old same old things. Tidying my room brings a sense of starting a new and so school has given me a reason to tidy up. It’s been a while since something actually prompted me to do so; it’s usually my mum to be honest. My room is like my own personal reset button and I have pressed it in preparation for school, useful tool.


So what relevance has a messy room got when starting in a new school next week? You must think I am a freak?


I don’t want my bed messy when I come back from a hard days work at school and not be able to dive into it. So I can’t leave it a tip.

I don’t want my bookshelf in a mess and not to able to find an important book that I have to take in with me the following day. That will start the day grey.

I don’t want to accidentally step on my Arduino due to all the food and mess on the floor of my room. Although I do wonder whether it will explode and go ‘Boom’.


Have you got a reset button? What does it look like? Have you pressed it?

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