Growing up, I went through a few dream career changes. Initially, I wanted to be a vet to help animals. But, sadly, I’m not so fond of blood. Then I got into crime novels and drawing, which made me want to be an artist or an investigator. I would never have guessed that I’d end up doing both.

Working on a brief at SCA and solving a Police case is astonishingly similar.

In this SCAB, I’ll look at solving my brief for BakedIn through the detective’s magnifying glass.


Grow and retain subscribers for BakedIn.

A typical investigation would aim to find out what happened, find those who are accountable, and bring them to justice.

A brief aims to find a solution to a given problem or task.

Both are looking for an answer. Crime novels taught me that the answer is in the story. Pete taught me that the answer is in the brief.

Let’s find it then.


Who is this about? Let’s look closer at the client (BakedIn) and the victims (our TA).

BakedIn is a baking subscription box with a different recipe every month. The customer can choose to be part of the baking club, bread baking club, and junior club.

Currently, their customers are mostly mothers with young children. BakedIn receives many reviews referencing the experience of mothers baking and bonding with their boys and girls.

They are active on socials and very conversational. There’s a great Facebook community where fellow bakers exchange photos of their cake creations.

We have the basics. Now, let’s question witnesses, or in our case, go deeper through forums, comments, and reviews.

How’s the BakedIn experience better or different than just ordinary baking?

Why baking of all things? 

What’s does BakedIn bring to the table that no other brand does?

Is it for baking beginners or baking lovers?

Why a baking subscription?

Why not just stock supermarkets with BakedIn cake mixes?

What’s the thinking behind the brand?

What’s the company’s philosophy?

Why do some people bake, and some don’t?


  • bonding time

BakedIn is loved by children. Making it a good solution for both the tech-savvy generation and their parents. BakedIn brings back the joy of family baking.

  • surprise

The monthly surprise is an advantage of BakedIn. Customers are looking forward with anticipation to see what they’ll be making this time. BakedIn capitalizes on that by releasing teasers through their socials.

  • ease of use

BakedIn makes it as simple as possible to make a beautiful, delicious cake. All the dry ingredients are included, bagged, and numbered. All fresh ingredients appear on a shopping list. Anything additional that fits into the box, like baking paper or a piping tube, is included.

  • mindfulness

There’s something amazing about taking your time and creating something from scratch, the pouring, the mixing, the raising. Baking is a good tool for practicing mindfulness and self-care.

  • monthly subscription

With a monthly subscription, you don’t have to worry. The kit comes through your door, and soon after, you’re eating a cake. There’s no payment obstacle, no cake research, no excuse looking.

  • sustainability

With the ingredients measured and portioned, there’s no need to worry about waste. With BakedIn, there’s no leftover flour or caster sugar. You only get what you need without taking up space in your kitchen.



BakedIn makes it men-proof.

With everything numbered, portioned, and shopping list included, even a non-baking man can bake. The instructions look like DIY manuals and Lego models. What a great way to make your partner a surprise every month!


BakedIn has gathered a community of bakers. They share their creations but with the right platform to stand behind, sharing their stories and spreading their love for baking. What does baking give you?


To gather new customers, BakedIn will focus on people who don’t give baking a single thought. They’re too preoccupied with their day-to-day to relax. BakedIn gives you the excuse to take time out of your busy calendar and treat yourself, making it hard to say no when it arrives at your doorstep, reminding you that self-care is crucial and can be delicious!


After re-evaluating our suspects, it’s time to cut the boring and unlikely ones loose.

Targeting men would cut down on the campaign’s reach, which is unsuitable.

Sharing stories is good and could be a part of the current brand strategy but wouldn’t be hugely exciting.

Which leaves us with the killer.


Make time for bake time! 

An unusual insight leads us down an unusual route. These are usually the golden tickets of creative briefs and murders alike.

It ticks all the boxes while dramatising the product’s benefits. Additional findings, for instance, the CEO of the company utilising four-day weeks, was the missing link that ties it all together.

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