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Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


I made the stupid choice of trying to be funny on the first day at SCA. It went well. I’m a

scieftologist now.

Not sure if that was my intention. I learned something that time though, and a few times more that

same week, that it’s not fun making jokes about religion, guys…⛪️#

Sarcasm is not for everyone.

but idc.

It’s hard trying to find your place, in a new country, full of different cultures, in a city that never

stops, with a class full of interesting personalities, venturing into an unfamiliar industry.

As an ”INFP” these conditions might not be the most optimal, but it’s been incredibly exciting, to

throw oneself into something new…yada yada yada

Am I describing this to much like a lamb being thrown into the lions den?

It’s not like that, I exaggerate for effect. Don’t worry, I’ve been around (I don’t know what that’s

supposed to mean, take it to mean whatever)

You probably didn’t worry though, because we don’t know each other. And you’re probably not

reading this.

this is boring.

How are you? Are you good? As long as you’re good I’m good. ok? Take care of yourself, alright?

Really! If your good I’m good. Ok? $

I have a new name. suki.

It’s been interesting.

I saw Sam Rockwell! I looove him!!!



Because I have to put something Swedish in every blogpost. I’m under some kind of contract.

(that was a bad joke.)

People, huh..

Do you know how many people think they see Beyonce every year?

A joke,

”The discreet correction”

U know when someone says or pronounces something incorrectly, and you don’t really want to be

the know-it-all, the annoying-correcting-person(?) but you still feel really obligated to correct them,

so you choose to do it in what you think might be a more discreet manner?


for me to finish this joke, the answer will always have to be yes.


So you’re like..

So, I haven’t really thought of any examples yet. But holler at me later if you want some.

My next joke,

Teaser: ”Open door guy”

To close this scab, I really wanted to bring up a few issues that have been bothering me,

Now, I know we all have some strong opinions, and that the discussion might get a bit heated but

please guys, try to be civil, ok? And share your thoughts in a calm mannered way.

How do you really feel about the mortgage market and subprime loans? The predatory lending?!

How about the RECAP data and how that could be applied to when we’re shopping for student

loans for example? Medicare?

Really say what you think, don’t hold back now, I know this might be a tad controversial but..I

wanted to bring up the issue on voluntary participation program that’s designed to.. well you guys

are already very familiar with the program, no need for me to explain what it is about.

Yeah, it’s to assist not only individuals but companies, both small and large to…yeah, you guys

know already.

And how all of this doesn’t apply to you since you don’t live in the US? &

Please, don’t be afraid to share. This is a safe space.

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