SCA doesn’t teach advertising – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


SCA doesn’t teach advertising

When I first applied to SCA – it was purely to learn more about advertising and to build a great portfolio whilst learning from some of the best talent in the business!

But it’s not really about that. 

Yes we have access to LOADS of fantastic mentors – we are spoilt rotten in that respect for the amount of help and advice that we get on a daily basis. Something which I still find amazing, that talented people who are so busy are willing to give up their time to talk to us. What the?!

And yes we do have some obscure goings on at the school…I mean what other school gives you a water cooler full of champagne, has people cutting off their hair and showering in front of a class of strangers in order to just win a place, or the dean of the school flashing his hairy belly button to the entire class?

It is like entering a cult and despite my time here rapidly creeping to an end, I still find it hard to explain to people what this school is. But they always have the same response: “wowwww…thats crazy”

If you are looking to apply next year – know this: 

It’s not about advertising. 

It’s not about awards. 

It’s not about competition.

It’s not even about a job.

Because those are all just side benefits to the school. 

In reality what I’ve found it to be is simply one big lesson on…

How to think. 

How to problem solve.

And how to apply that to creative tasks. 

Advertising is just the tip of the iceberg for what this school can offer you. 

I started wanting to do advertising, but I’m going to be finishing the school with a business on the way to launch rather than a portfolio.

So if you are thinking about coming to SCA – know this…you don’t need to definitely want to do advertising. 

You just need to be hungry to learn how to think, be open to the unusual and a person who gets high off of creative ideas.

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