SCA has ruined us – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


SCA has ruined us

Last week while everybody else was finishing up with D&AD, I spent my time at a government run enterprise program.

It was there that I really noticed how much SCA has changed my way of thinking in only a few short months.

During the four day program we spent a day discussing marketing strategies for businesses, and the mediocre conformist ideas given by the other people in the room scared me. It was like listening to a room of vanilla stew. Once before I might have found some of these ideas acceptable, SCA has now made it so that ideas that lack substance or exciting potential – actually make my core hurt.

When we were discussing how to take feedback for our business ideas I found myself bringing up the “opinions are like assholes” analogy to which the course leader brushed over very quickly whilst blushing deeply. It reminded me actually how free we are to be openly weird and ourselves at the Brix.

SCA has changed how I think – it’s made me far more critical about ideas, but it’s also helped me to get quicker at coming up with new ones.

The enterprise program was interesting and it is going to be helpful for me on my path for building my business in the future.

But it also showed me just how much SCA has changed me and ruined my previous view of what a good idea looks like.

Without SCA I would have a completely different perspective on creativity.

I’m definitely not the finished article and there is always room to learn more.

But I am grateful that I can now see the difference between steaming vanilla and a good idea.

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