SCA is a Family – By @MadStandish

By Maddy Standish


SCA is a Family


There are countless brilliant things about SCA that I’m coming to understand and love. It’s the most unique place I’ve ever experienced and I’m so grateful to be here. We’ve been told we’re only at 30% function and I’m sure I may feel differently when things get tougher in terms two and three when we’re preparing for our mental marathons.


While it is difficult, there is help everywhere. We’ve been asked a few times what the best thing about the school is by potential students on their interview days. The answer has been quite clear from many of the us: each other.


I’ve never had the pleasure to be surrounded by such fantastic people in my whole life. There is immense talent and immeasurable creativity saturating the vast space between the walls in the old church we call home. Not only that, but compassion, empathy, enthusiasm and love for one another.


There are a lot of emotions shared and we’ve quickly bonded. I think there are people that believe how close we’ve gotten could be an obstacle in our collective growth. I don’t think this is necessarily the case, as I don’t think it cancels out honesty or competitiveness.


With alliances, there is camaraderie and when you see someone you admire do well, you want to do as well or better than them. When you don’t do as you could, others pull you out of your self-inflicted funk and push you to be better because they know you are.


I respect everyone in that room who is on the same journey as me as much as I respect the incredible mentors who teach us. We learn from each other and share our skills so that each of us is succeeding to the best of our abilities.


These ties aren’t cut when you’re no longer a student either as the alumni often tell us if we want to speak to them, we need only to reach out. Max and Marcia are office angels, always there when you need an ear, to gossip or just to lend their experience and support. We’re all there because Marc believes in us and despite his games, he only wants the best for us – like most fathers. Squirrel’s indifference is her virtue when you’re all talked out.


The pressure we put on ourselves in this school is outweighed by the encouragement by the students in the room.


Thank you SCA for introducing me to some of the best people I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with. Thank you for each trial and tribulation that we all face, not on our own but together.


I appreciate each of you clapping, stomping, cheering, story-telling, photoshopping, shortcutting, teaching, editing, proofreading, advising, listening, inspiring, motivating, truth-telling, humorous, cultured, unique, talented, wise and wonderful people.




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