Shoplifting for SMPs – By Martin Fürst @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst



Shoplifting for SMPs

I previously saw strategy as something necessary to do,
not something which is fun to do.
Yesterday, Marc gave me a tool to make it fun.
It also changed my mind about strategy itself. When developing strategy, you have to make sure you get in a playful child mode.

It doesn’t have to be dry. It makes everything easier and quicker.

In the first place, I only wrote the instruction down for myself,
but I don’t know why other people shouldn’t profit from it.
Also if people outside of SCA or future SCA students want to practice it, it’s a great exercise to do. Find the Instructions below.

How to play it

Preparation: (30-45 minutes)

1. Go to a supermarket (not a convenience store)

2. Observe people

What do they buy?
What’s in their basket?
Where do they look?
How long do they need to chose?
Do they pay attention to promotional activity?

3. Buy a product

Where does it sit on the shelf? How much space does it have? What is the price?
Who is the competition?

Game instruction (25-30 min) 1.Gather a group together with 6 people

Ideally 3 creative teams, but also works with singles.

2. Read everything on the package and hand it over to the next person.

Everybody should take a look at each item. (1 min per product)

3. Choose a product for the first round and nominate a volunteer to take notes.

4. The first player has to speak out loud whatever comes to his/her mind first and pass it to the next one. If nothing jumps up, pass it to the next player. (continue this process for 3 minutes) GO FAST, KEEP THE ENERGY GOING

5. Continue the process with 2 more items

(a new person should volunteer to take notes for each round)

6. One person starts the same as before with the 4th item.

Everybody should listen carefully, the next one on the move has to build on the previous thought. If not possible start new or pass it on. (3 min)

7. Continue the process with the last 2 items (3 min per item)

8. Read the list of notes out loud.

By the time everybody should have taken notes for one of the products. The team who bought it has to decide if it’s worth exploring a Single Minded Proposition or not. Circle it or mark it. EVERYBODY CAN JUMP IN AND RESCUE AN IDEA.
Sell it to the others; why do you think it’s worth exploring.

9. Continue this process for each item.
10. Go back to your lists and write SMPs for your product

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