SCA Spotlight On…krow CCO and MISSION Group ECD, Dylan Bogg

Hi Dylan. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Krow and Mission Group.

I’m Chief Creative Officer at krow and an Executive Director of MISSION plc, the holding company that owns the Agency. I basically oversee the creative output of the Agency alongside some brilliant Creative Directors. The days can be pretty varied; working alongside the planners to find a decent nugget for a brief, refining the odd campaign, presenting work to Clients, winning a pitch, losing a pitch! There isn’t really a typical day. Which is a good thing.

Tell us more about krow. Why would someone love to work for you?

Big Positive Impacts.

That’s what krow stands for and strives for every day. 

I guess all Agencies have a statement or positioning of some description and I’ve been involved in a few different ones over time. And sometimes they just don’t resonate. But I kinda like this one. It sums up how we approach any task – large or small – without any snobbery or preconceptions. Whether it’s a simple design brief or a brief that could literally save lives it’s a damn fine start point.

And, it’s also inward facing.

We want to have a big positive impact on all of our people.

And we actively encourage our people to have the same effect on their community and the wider world. 

I’m based in our Central Agency in Leicester but we have krow Ireland in Belfast, krow-x in Norwich and krow London.

Central work with some outstanding brands: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Neff, Filippo Berio Olive Oils, Brothers Cider, and Adnams to name but a few.

Across the other krow Agencies we also work with Toolstation, Unison, RNLI, Aviva, Barclays, Kia, and Fiat.

Krow. Great Agencies, great brands, great people. What’s not to like?

What’s the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on at krow?

Pretty proud of our work for Harley-Davidson from a few years ago. We produced the global range literature that was in every single dealership worldwide. A two month shoot in the States. 3.8million brochures, 12 languages, 103 countries. 

Not bad for a “small Agency in Leicester”.

We also put together various award-winning campaigns for them.

A great brand to be involved with. 

What do you like most about your partnership with the SCA?

The energy. The fresh ideas. The talent.

I also love the way that the School is set up and the way Marc and the team run the place.

Students are so well prepared for the industry when they leave.

It’s pretty unique in that respect.

And, it’s pretty rewarding being involved.

SCA partners are integral to our scholarship initiatives for underrepresented talent. Why do you think diversity in our industry is so important?

The more diverse we are as an industry the more diverse and interesting our work will be. Simple.

Also, I think that if you don’t have every walk of life represented you become totally out of touch with society. Just look at the current government for evidence of that!

Why do you think SCA grads are so highly sought after in the industry?

I think that the structure of the course and the close connections with industry breeds creatives that are miles ahead of the game compared to other schools/unis. And, the track record of the Alumni speaks for itself. They just consistently deliver fresh, outstanding work.

Having spent time at SCA, how do you think the course differs to similar courses at University?

I think it has the benefit of being structured around creating brilliant creatives rather than being structured around gaining a qualification. And, the connections to industry and the masterclasses are simply outstanding. 

Recommended Reading for a student preparing for life as a creative.

A bit obvious but anything from Dave Trott or Paul Arden

And, The Ad Contrarian always makes me smile. 

I’d also recommend flicking through the posters on the Good Fucking Design Advice website. It really is good fucking advice.

Who do you most admire in the creative industry and why?

I’ve always had a lot of admiration for Bil Bungay from BMB. He was creative partner to the more famous Trevor Beattie and, together they created some brilliant, memorable work. He’s now a serial entrepreneur investing in all sorts of creativity and innovation. I love the way he’s kept the passion and now uses his creative experience to help others. 

Top tips and advice for anyone wanting to succeed as a creative.

Talent without tenacity won’t cut it.

Whether it’s digging for ideas, searching for inspiration, or crafting an idea, give it some.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given? 

Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

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