SCA = Supplements Can Assist – By @CiRCUStrongman

Lee Allen

By Lee Allen


SCA = Supplements Can Assist

When you’re sick it’s hard to change the world,
so here’s some tips for staying well,
Starting off with supplements,
here are some I take myself…
Vitamin D, if it was me
I’d stock up on this infinitely
Especially at SCA,
where every day we’re kept away
from sunlight as we sketch away
Avoiding symptoms of fatigue?
Then the D is what you need!
Next, many take an Echinacea
to ease signs of the flu
many people swear by it, studies say don’t dare buy it
I’ll leave that choice to you
Side note:
Some studies show increased quickness,
In the time it takes to beat your sickness
Fish oil, it’s Royal 
But just a couple points,
It can reduce the effects of ADH…
“Oh look a bird”
And reduce pressure on your joints 
Excuse the poems structure,
And let me leave it there for supps
‘Cause there are some hygiene basics
That need some urgent clearing up
After you’ve pulled up your knickers,
And zipped up your flies,
Wash your hands extra hard,
Please please SCA’ers,
Whatever it is you do,
it can cause the flu…
Especially on the tube!
Now some basic diet choices,
Avoid drinking in the week
But if you’re gonna do it
Avoid the ‘low fat’ options
You’ll be intrigued to know that…
Low fat choices are often not low fat 
Due to UK law, low fat can mean more.
And if it’s not quick to expire,
Or it’s from a deep fat fryer
The nutritional values are probably liars 
And you’ll be left feeling tired.
Last I’ll try give advice
On your daily exercise 
One simple fact, when you train
You will have a bigger brain! 

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