SCAB 4, And so it begins @AlyRadia93

What. A. Day. The word exhaustion doesn’t really cover it. I’m kind of ashamed how much this day has taken out of me. Just writing these words is a struggle as my eyes are screaming at me to close them. And it’s only Day 1.

I’m sure things will get better as I get re-accustomed to nine hour days, something I haven’t had to do since I was at school five years ago. University in comparison was a complete doss, consisting of more unnecessary naps than lectures. I’m looking forward to be productive again.

But what excitement. It’s been a long time since I’ve been bombarded or ‘seeded’ with so much relevant and enticing information, and already feel riper with knowledge after the first day, knowledge enticing in its very real and very tangible ability to make my life that much more enriching, productive and directed on a path to success. It’s certainly new to be receiving advice and learning things that are actually applicable to real life, as opposed to the interesting, but ultimately useless, jargon of academia. Imagining how much I will have learned and how much I will have changed after 309 similar days is mind boggling. Hopefully I will have changed enough to be able to render this transition on paper in 3 min drawings much more succinctly and skillfully than I did in the exercise today, which more resembled the drawings of a child high on too much Calpol.

The first thing I did when I arrived home, after scarfing down my dinner, was to order myself a leather bound book in which to record notes over the year. Note taking is something that I have been very lax about over the course of my time at university, and really came to bite me in the butt when it came to exams. I would open a word document on my laptop only to end up scrolling through the ‘New In’ section on Asos or through endless useless Pinterest pages. I always found it hard to decide what information would be useful, and the information was far too complex to get it all down. So my lazy solution was to kind of sit there and let it wash over me, hoping that some of it would absorb through osmosis, which, of course, it never did.

However, today I found myself almost absent mindedly drawing out the phrases and words that Marc and other speakers used in their speeches, enclosed within the swirls and patterns that I find almost automatically exude themselves from the nib of any pen I touch, often as a form of distraction, but in this case a method of helping myself focus on the words being said as I found a lot of it to be catchy, profound and worthy of recording. I could physically feel what Marc said about writing with pen and paper rather than typing on the cold keys of a phone or laptop being a much better method of note making that was conducive to retention. I look forward to turning this book into my bible and using it as would a squirrel, to hide any acorns, nuts or berries, or in fact any nuggets of trash that may be somehow useful in the future.

I’m excited to see what ends up in my notebook tomorrow.

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