SCAB – the first one – By @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst



SCAB – the first one

As soon as I got the email from Marc containing the personal journey script, I set a specific goal for myself.

Start the day with the hardest on your schedule.

So here I am, writing my first SCAB.

But what should I write? The best thing would be explaining my current situation. By the way, I also introduced myself to Marc this way. And it got me in.

It’s already midweek, and a have plenty of stuff to do.

For example, get rid of my flat in Austria and organizing a new one in London, start with a personal project, finishing the first book, and the list goes on and on. I feel slightly lag behind, although I prepared to move to another country for a whole year.

At September 2016 I made the decision it’s time to get some international experience and meet other cultures. I was looking for different agencies all over Europe. At that time I never thought about studying. Because I’m more like the “Learning by doing” type and the concept of sitting in a room with hundreds of other young people to study, didn’t fit for me. Proving myself, how serious it is to me, I told my employer, that I’m leaving in July 2017 and gave up my secure job as a junior art director.

The following year my work colleague and I took part at the D&AD New Blood Award. We graft quite hard to prepare our entry.

On the last day, we even worked until 4 o’clock in the morning. Yes, of course, we could have started earlier than one week before the deadline. But it was worth it, and we draw a lesson from it.

Somehow we got nominated for a pencil and flew over to collect this little yellow writing instrument.

Still looking out for some future employers, the information about a D&AD Scholarships reached me. After one hour going through the whole web page and reading some news article about SCA, I knew this is it. I want to do that, although I never considered being a student in common sense. This new type of education system seems to fit perfectly to my needs. So I contacted SCA and made an appointment for a skype call.

The call itself seemed very natural to me. I talked with Marc about my current situation, what I’m a good at and in which skills I want to improve. He also asked me, if I’m doing any side projects. So I told him about my passion project People sometimes asked me: “Why do you craft all these tiny objects? What is it about?” To be honest, I never knew why I even started it in the first place. But I do now. Take a look at the IG account @stefan.schabmeister or for more insights.

There aren’t many specific days in my life, which I consider as life changing. But Wednesday 19th of July was definitely the most important one. Marc called me and declared that I had won the scholarship.

Little cogs and wires made a dance show in my head. The only words, coming out of my mouth, were “WOW” and “Thank You”.  It took me some days to realize what huge impact it will have on my future me.

So far, so good. That’s my personal journey, which brought me to this point, writing my first Blog post in English ever!

Looking forward moving to London,

Martin Fürst

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