Scabily scab. – By @EllieDag

By Ellie Daghlian


Scabily scab. 


I promised myself I’d stop writing rubbish scabs. Thing is, I don’t know what to write. So there you go. I could tell you how the world went crazy cause some guy ate a bat. But chances are, you already know that. I could tell you D&AD got moved back three months and now we’re working at home to fake deadlines while the global economy crumbles. But you probably know that too. And what does it even matter anyway. 


I could tell you about all the food I now can’t eat at pop Brixton. And how much weight corona has probably stopped me putting on. But you definitely don’t care about that. 


I can tell you all of this is weird. And you can nod. And I tell you how lucky I feel to be able to hide with my family until it’s over, if it ever is. And that I’m simultaneously pretty sure I shouldn’t have come here, for I fear I unknowingly brought said essence of dead bat with me. Nice one. 


To be clear, everyone is fine in this house right now, but watching the exponential curve of doom, I can’t help but feel that’s probably fleeting.


Other changes since isolation began:


I have done some laundry.

I have not worn makeup in days.

What are bras?

I now shower with my house plants. I like the company. 

My cats really like internet chats. 

The WiFi does not.

I like the sunshine. But I feel guilty for going into it. Commuting was an inescapable break from work. Now I don’t have to, stopping feels lazy.

The job market died. My boyfriend lost his job. Who knows if I will be able to get one. Still grateful I have family to flee to, but I guess we’re not really adults anymore.

I wanted to work abroad. lol.

Cardi had a rant. Someone remixed it. Now it’s all over tiktok.

I like tiktok. It’s memes that sing to you in a dying world.

I like to nap. 

I’ve been helping Ben write a screenplay. Smart corona goal: finish before isolation ends. Make it as the world wakes up. Bypass job market. Win Oscar/ bafta. I’m not picky.

I wish I had done SCA earlier. Before the global pandemic. It feels unfair we only have 10 months here and 3 of them will likely be in our respective bedrooms. Comparatively not a big deal. But still annoying. 

I wish I’d screenprinted masks when this started. We nearly did, but decided it wasn’t a big enough story. 

Time to see how Marc plans to get us all hired.

Good thing he’s quite smart. He’s going to need to be. 

Hoping everyone is alright, wherever you’ve fled to. It’s nice that the Sca family is connected via the internet, even if our physical home lies empty for now. 

See you soon. Love to all. 


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