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As humans, we ought to fear the unknown, to protect ourselves. Fear is a primary emotion wired to our psyche to keep us staying alive. When there is any sign of a threat, the brain reacts to this signal, by activating the fight or flight response. The physical responses one may experience are: 

  1. The heart starts beating faster
  2. Our breathing gets quicker
  3. We may start to sweat
  4. We may feel shaky, dizzy, or sick

This is a natural response to allow our body to prepare for the perceived threat. The increased blood flow is to help fight something or move quickly to get away from something. Survival is the sole purpose for the brain to take this approach, however, it may sometimes incorrectly trigger this response, even when there is no immediate threat. This happens when fear is imagined, and we are in fact stressed over the terrifying unknown. Like when it is 4pm on Friday and it’s time to find out if your work is up to Marc’s standards.

Fear is such an important emotion that we have a day in the year dedicated to it. So, for Halloween, I have gathered some of the stuff that has scared us at SCA so far.

Walking into a room full of strangers on the first day was scary to many of us, for some it was making a song and sharing it in class and for the rest of us, stand-up comedy with Mr Cee did it. It is safe to say that all of us feared our first week at SCA, even including Shannon who feared that the tech would go all wrong.

In the next couple of weeks, some of us feared the highly reputed Alexandra Taylor while some of us feared Nesu (as he crept up and jumped behind us). 

We got familiar in our new abode at Brixton but Adobe haunted us even in our dreams. 

Then came scamping week! Every day of that week, voting time gave us shivers. 

The following week felt like a relief with a one-week brief, but only until Friday came along. Some of us were terrified of presenting, while others dreaded the criticism.

And by half term, most of us were pretty exhausted and feared falling asleep in class.

One way to combat fear (which in most cases is the unknown) is knowledge. As we are more aware of our environment, we start to feel more comfortable, and fear starts to subside. Another way is to face the fear and do it anyway. Doctors use this method to treat certain phobias by repeatedly exposing patients to the terror they experience. A third way is to treat fear as fun just like riding a roller coaster. After all, stepping out of our comfort zone can only make us grow.

So, I know we are all glad that it is half term this week, but I also know that we can’t wait to be back at school again to scare ourselves silly.

Happy Halloween Honey!


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