School Boy Idea Highly Finished by @FrazerPrice


By Frazer Price


School Boy Idea Highly Finished

It’s been 13 days since Mark Denton came in to talk to us. He said some great things about getting on peoples lists and making things but one particular piece of information has stuck with me.

A school boy idea highly finished.

It’s drawing ever closer to portfolio day with a choking 59 days left on the clock.

A time where we will be presenting ideas which we have been working on.

It’s quite easy to disregard a school boy idea. But its harder to argue with a piece of film than a storyboard.

So I guess it comes down to the other point Mark Denton made. Make shit and you’ll beat others who haven’t gone the extra mile.

Lewis often mentions that we need passion projects in our book.

The past couple of days I’ve spent drawing and writing a video to one of the ideas I had back in Term 1.

It’s been a fantastic process and we’re really excited about what its going to be like when its finished.

(Larry leans over my shoulder and begins typing)

It’s the story of a man who picks his nose, at least, that’s what it is on the surface – but deep down – underneath… under all that… text… is some subtext. Subtext is where shit gets interesting.

It’s a story of fathers and sons. A story of England. A story of a young boy who dared to make a difference. A story of me, Frazer Price. A story of how I became a bowling sensation, at least in my own mind, which is where I spend most of my time.

Then there’s the lilo. The lilo shaped like a plaster. People hate plasters in pools. Unexpected. Yes sir. In the words of the infamous William Smith esquire and his compadre the global super DJ Jazzy Jeff: Tick. Tick. Boom.

When I grow up I hope to retain this schoolboy flair that I have recently rediscovered.

I hope to pour my own robinson’s concentrated squash with the vigour I do now. Oooh – is that too strong? Fuck you. You’re not my real dad.

As they say on the playground, where I come from… No, I don’t come from ‘the playground’, I come from ‘life’s playground’ or as you might find it on a map ‘Worcester’.

Sorry about that.

Where was I?

Ah yes, old ideas reappearing. I guess what I was trying to say was that its good to get things out of your head and into the world. 

It may end up being the thing that will set you apart from another team come the end of the year.


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