Mumble Mumble Mumble. By @kylejforeman

Kyle Foreman

By Kyle Foreman


Mumble Mumble Mumble.


It’s Christmas time. The tree is up and Bill Nighy is about to make his yearly appearance in Love Actually.


As SCA winds down and shuts up shop, my mind wanders to the destinations of where my fellow penguins will be retreating to for Christmas. Estonia, Latvia, Lyon and Denmark to name a few.


The need to create and be creative has pushed people to leave their homes, families and even jobs. I think that’s the power of SCA.


All these great people in one place for kinda the same reason. I can slowly start to see everyone being shaped into the future versions of themselves. Christmas is a time for reflection and there is almost too much to reflect on.


I’ve come to realise it takes me a while to open up to others. I constantly feel on guard. Maybe from moving around so much when I was little.


But at the end of the day. When all is said and done. I know I made the right decision.


Merry Christmas


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