When is my next Scab? … TODAY ?! Shit. – By @GwenDzelle

When is my next Scab? … TODAY ?! Shit.  

Isn’t it amazing that I forgot that I had to write a SCAB on the busiest week in SCA so far? Great!  Thankfully my instinct stroke, as a sloth slowly waking up from a nap yeah. It sure took its time,  but it stroke. Note to self: Maybe I should write SCABs ahead of its time. Note to self self: Of  course, you should you idiot, what a Eureka moment…  

What will I write about… Learning new things? Meh, basic subject. Note to self: you don’t have  time to think of something clever. Sooo… It is very true that we have already learned a lot of  fantastic things and I’m certain that we will take in a lot more during the next months. I thought we  were going to learn about creative technics, how to write wonderful straplines, catchy headlines,  create sticky visuals, how to pair strategy and creativity, and obviously we are, but I also caught  on so many random facts, it’s crazy. Learned that if a bread is not in the oven before the 18  minutes and a couple of seconds preceding its creation, it is technically a leavened bread, that the  longest Matza in the world is 7,5 meter long and weigh 11 kg, that you either love or hate meal  prep (yeah I know Marmite is right on everything – it’s still taste disgusting), that people eat a fuck  lots of tofu since lockdowns, that Jimmy Carr drinks Supermalt before every gig, that Jimmy Carr  is a comedian, that ‘wiped’ is not written with two ‘p’, that an ad shouldn’t look like an ad, that  Obama likes Matzos, that Benjamin Franklin brung tofu into your English lives in 1770, that  battleship comes from Minnesota, that off weeks don’t happen as frequently than you would  think, that if you are following the BBC and the Guardian on twitter, you need to put the sound of  your notifications off or they will drives you MAD, that you can find in London single rooms with  Double bed in them and landlord are not bothered by the fact that you can’t move around them,  that single room are actually a fancy word for closet and that cozy single room means that you are  going to sleep vertically, that Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor are revelations and thank god that  I finished the series before this week, and that my accent tries to mimic the accent that I heard the  most in the last hours, so in my head right now I sound like the queen, that I definitely don’t sound  like the queen. Also, I’ve learned the word ‘Thwack’ and I find it very oddly shaped. Right some of those may have no relation whatsoever with SCA BUT! The thing that I really  learned during those 8 weeks is that an idea can come from everything, everywhere, every mouth,  and every breath.  

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