The UK Housing Crisis & the 20+ Something Man – By @_ElliotL

By Elliot Lee



The UK Housing Crisis & the 20+ Something Man


They say,


Home is where the heart is… right?


No they’re wrong, home is where a sense of belonging is


It’s the moment we fall


We rise


The in-between where no one can see


It’s the family events, memories


Pictures stacked across the shelf


They hold true value, that no one else owns


But it’s being lost


We laugh and joke of rent… house pricing


But we’re really laughing at the feeling of being inadequate




I can’t justify the ridiculous house prices




Renting in a un-homely already furnished box


Living under demands,


Locked under the thumb of a constant landlord


I know right now it feels helpless.


But its okay…


I’ll continue to save,


Because they’re not gonna stop me


You see, I have a vision


A family, a career… building the memories of the unknown


I know I’ll step foot one day


Chest out, eyes wide


An interior made by me, and maybe even a family.


There are people… and places out there


Willing to support


And they see my vision too


Over and over again people laugh


Can I really build a family and own a home in my 20’s?


There’s a frustration I’ve never felt before


But again, it’s okay


Because I know one day, I’ll have my own place


A place I know… I can call my own

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