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By Antonio Castellano


Rob Mac


Today we had a masterclass from one of our mentor, Rob Mac. This masterclass was, what we call, a ‘this is me’ one. Basically, mentors told us all their careers in one hour. It is usually at the beginning of the course, so we can learn more about them. But I don’t know why we didn’t have the one from Rob last September.


When he started the presentation the first slide said “This was me”. He joked about how his life and his career have almost ended. Then he showed a slide: ‘FAILURE’. And he asked us to tell him the reason why he’s failed in his life. We didn’t answer. He said “because I haven’t achieved what I wanted in my life”.


He said that when he was a student his dream was to draw. He went to an art school where he met Ian, our craft mentor. Rob said that Ian’s talent made he understood that he wasn’t the best at drawing and he changed his dream. He decided that his new life goal would have been the to direct a movie, because movies were the big thing back in the days. So he wrote several scripts.


He brought us through all his career: because the movie wasn’t happening, he moved into music video and later into tv ad. He worked for big brands like McDonald’s and with big names like Peter Souter, his ex-classmate. Even if we all together laughed a lot during the talk, sometimes, I had the impression he was feeling a bit blue.


Then, at the end he went very quickly to his last projects: he directed a movie and he opened his own art gallery. It was very fast but so shocking. In the last 5 minutes, he basically told us that he’d achieved all his objectives but he looked like he hadn’t realized it. And that happened when he said his career was over and he was done. He directed a movie! But what touched me most was the fact that he’s now drawing. And he’s a freaking good artist! The dream he had when he was a student came true, after all the years and so many other experiences. Wow.


That’s was genuinely so inspiring for me. I draw as well and I wanted that to be my all life. I wanted to draw comics. But that career wasn’t so stable so I went into product design. And now here I am, entering the advertising world.  I’m only the beginning of it but I can already see what a competitive and energetic environment it is. Maybe, in 10 years time, I will have another creative job. But I hope that, later in my career, right when I think I will be done, I will make my dream come true.


Thanks Rob for such an inspiring masterclass and a motivating happy ending.

How can you say you’ve failed when you are completely a winner?


A wonderful story of one, wild, and precious life.

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