It’s not the end. By @chloecordon

Chloe Cordon

By Chloe Cordon


It’s not the end.


In two weeks and two days on the final portfolio day it won’t be the end. In three weeks and 5 days on the Cream deadline day it won’t be the end. In the not so distant future when you hear the sweet sweet words ‘would you like a placement?’ it won’t be the end. WILL IT EVER BE THE END?! No. Soz. I don’t think there is an end.


So, I was having a lil think about portfolio day. I sat down and put my metaphorical thinking hat on and thought about portfolio day. I really don’t suit hats. But I pondered what I want to get from portfolio day. Duh, a placement, a job, free tea and coffee. All the stuff that dreams are made of. But what is each little friend supposed to say when they look at our book, eh? We’ve had a few of them ones, the ones who look at a bit of work and just nod. They say yep repeatedly, and bob around a bit. Yep, yep, yep, yep yep, yep. And it’s dead awkward, because you can tell they just don’t give a monkeys. So really really like in real life I don’t want anyone to yep me and move on to the next one. That’s THE WORST. Yep isn’t even a word, for goodness sake. It’s a syllable.


So then I was like, ‘well Chlo, what the bloomin heck do you actually want then, you miserable bloomin anti-yeppist.’ and I thought about all of the book crits I’d had and it was always dead good when someone wanted us to push something. When they were buzzin like omg I’ve got a fab idea for this campaign, do this, do this, do this.  


And I’m sorry huns, but that means it’s not the end. Because your best campaigns will be the ones that can be made better. Portfolio day isn’t going to be yeps. It’s gonna be ‘change this’, ‘push that’, and, if you’re really really lucky ‘wanna come carry on making stuff better at a brand spankin’ new desk in my agency?’. Well, wouldn’t that be swell?

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