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School of Comedy Arts

SCA students are taught to scare themselves. We’re expected to constantly challenge ourselves and try things we never imagined doing before. If anyone of the next intake is reading this, you’ll learn early in the year, that Marc’s a huge believer in failure. Failure gives a chance to learn from our mistakes constantly improve ourselves. But he’ll tell you all about it in September.

The School provides us with a lot of opportunities. I decided to take one of them and finally really scare myself. Yes, I applied for the Comedy School. It’s a 6 week course that teaches you the basics of stand-up comedy, helps you find your comedy persona and gain confidence in public speaking.

Here’s the thing. I have always hated public speaking. 2 months ago I would have rather shot myself in the knee than do stand up. And on top of all of it – I’m a foreigner. Sounds like a crappy combination for a comedian, doesn’t it?

No. This 6 week course helped me turn my weaknesses into my strengths. I’m foreigner? Here’s a joke about that. I have a silly accent? Another joke right there. Before I knew, I was standing in front of 100 people, doing my first ever comedy show and thinking “what was I ever afraid of?”

See, I love that about SCA. I have learnt things about myself I never knew about, I have done things I never thought I would and I have met people I wouldn’t even dream to meet. It’s hard, it’s challenging, it tests your limits, but god dammit, it’s completely worth it.

P.S. I’m still doing stand-up.

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