‘NFT Marketplace’ from SCA showcases top-notch student portfolio work to creative agencies

School of Communication Arts announces ‘NFT Marketplace’ scheme showcasing top-notch student portfolio work to creative agencies

The School of Communication Arts (SCA), the most awarded school for creative advertising in the world, has announced the release of an NFT marketplace to coincide with its upcoming Portfolio Days. This innovative new scheme will allow students to showcase their work as Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, allowing creative agencies to browse through and select the work that appeals to them while providing students with the means to sell their work to interested parties.

By embracing the cutting-edge technology that powers the likes of digital currency and recognising its place in the creative and artistic industries, the SCA aims to maintain its exceptional standard of securing placements and career opportunities for its students within top agencies. 80% of the SCA’s students succeed in finding work at a top agency within 6 months of completing the School’s course, and most of these placements come about following the School’s successful Portfolio Days.

NFTs created by the SCA’s students will be hosted on a marketplace linked to the registration landing page for the School’s upcoming Portfolio Days. As such, each student’s work will be visible to the array of over 100 agencies who support the SCA’s mission to provide its students with the tools to succeed in careers such as art direction and copywriting.

Marc Lewis, Dean of the School of Communication Arts, commented: “The most important thing to remember about NFTs is that they are absolutely unique – each one has its own value and is, by definition, irreplaceable. As such, they represent the core values of our School: though our success rate is uniform, each student’s individual triumph comes about as a result of highly original, highly creative work. We’re already seeing some remarkable interpretations of how to leverage NFTs to employers, and the very existence of our NFT marketplace is a testament to the outside-the-box thinking that everybody at the SCA thrives on.”

The School of Communication Arts provides a vocational, portfolio- and placement-based education suitable to those interested in pursuing work as a copywriter, creative director, or other position within the sphere of communication advertising.

Situated in POP Brixton, the SCA’s in-person and virtual campuses and teaching faculty are supplemented by a network of over 1,000 industry leaders who act as mentors and help in the provision of placements and jobs.

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