Sestra @EvaMenovsky

By Eva Menovsky 

I remember my dad telling me it was a girl the day before.

I remember being so excited to have a sister, I kept on calling her zusje (little sister) for two months straight.


I remember not being able to pronounce her real name so I called her Zoef.


I remember us laying on the tiger print bed in my mom’s room, holding her tight.


I remember me waking her up because she was sleeping all the time.


I remember us jumping off the stairs to the bed.


I remember her 3rd birthday where we got a children’s cart with Hello Kitty’s stickers all over.


I remember opening her presents at Christmas because she was too slow.


I remember her copying everything I was doing.


I remember us dancing on The Ketchup song all night long.


I remember not being able to tell my sister that Sinterklaas (St. Nicolas) doesn’t exist.


I remember she stealing my diary and finding out.


I remember being so mad at her, I threw the door in her face which caught the top of her finger.


I remember she still blaming me for that, cause she missed this cool disco swimming party.


I remember us having the same phone.


I remember her being picked up with the helicopter because she skied into a fence.


I remember me crying for days, not being able to ski ever.


I remember us being anywhere but home, fantasizing about my grandmother’s food.


I remember us fighting so intensely, mom would get mad, we would make up by talking how ridiculous it was mom getting mad.


I remember being so proud of her at her Bad Mitswa.


I remember almost punching her ex-best friend for screwing her over.


I remember us gossiping over many cigarettes on the terrace when mom was away.


I remember taking her out with all my friends.


I remember getting jealous because my friends were all over her.


I remember us being home alone throwing lots of parties (sorry mom for finding out this way).


I remember us making this ridiculous dance on How Deep Is Your Love.


I remember not talking to her for weeks.


I remember hating not having her in my life.


I remember she telling me how I haven’t been there for her with tears rolling down her cheeks.


I remember my heart skipping a beat.


I remember her making breakfast in bed for me every morning for a week long.


I remember shaking her hand, which meant we were friends again.


I remember her beautiful eyes staring at me with a waterfall coming down because I was singing Hey Soul Sister on her 18th birthday.


I remember barging her instead of hugging whenever I went away.


I remember still getting mad at her once in a while, just because I feel I can.


I remember missing her when I was away.


I remember not reaching out to her and not knowing why.


I remember now what a great sister I have.

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