Shit Hot Advice – By @j_kburgess

By Jemma Burgess


Shit Hot Advice. 


The course is coming to an end. Would I do it again? Probs not. Although there’s a lot of things I will miss, I think I’m ready to leave. Ready to take one small step into the big wide industry. However! I am here to give you all some shit hot advice on how to survive the next year of your life. 

  1. You will gain weight. Accept it. Embrace it. The last thing you need to worry about is the food you stuff in your mouth. 
  2. Nothing should come before your health. If you need to take a day to regroup, take it. ( Just don’t take 3 mental health days a week) 
  3. Mark was SUPER nice to us! Like he gave us ALL. THE. LOVE. We slightly might have taken the piss at times. I feel like Mark has learnt from this so BEWARE OF ANGRY MARK. 
  4. On that note. A quick tip to keep Mark happy. DO THE GROUP NOTES. 
  5. Marcia, Max and Amy run everything. They are your one and only. Treat them with care. 
  6. If you don’t understand anything ( especially Strat ) sit with Pete and just argue. Trust me you will get it after that conversation. 
  7. Forget putting yourself on Ian’s list. Sit next to him, eat grapes and be merry. 
  8. Alex Taylor loves chocolate covered peanuts. 
  9. You care about D&AD ( which you should because it’s a completion and winning feels good) No one else really cares about D&AD. 
  10. Surprisingly Mark actually knows what he’s talking about. Do what he says and you will be fine. 
  11. You will always be able to email a mentor over the holidays about your work  
  12. Everything can be fixed with a large bottle of wine. 
  13. Market House does good food. Keep away from everyone else. We’re all savages just looking for our next meal. 
  14. Work hard and then some. 
  15. People can smell a dick from a mile off. Don’t be one. 
  16. It’s okay to break down. Cry it all out. Then get up and get back to work. 
  17. The only validation you need is Mike cheering for you. You’ll recognise it when it happens. It’s iconic. 
  18. The calendar has all the visiting mentors emails. Write them all down in a spreadsheet. Boom.
  19. You will miss 1000 opportunities if you don’t listen. 
  20. Spell check your portfolio.

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