Shit is Getting Real, by @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel – From the intake of 2015/16


Shit is getting real! 

I remember around six month ago I explained Marc in my skype interview that my skateboard would be the one thing I would take with me from planet earth, in case of  an alien kidnapping. Not even 5 weeks later I sat next to Marc washing down a shot glass of finest polish vodka after my 4 minute presentation and a 9 week alcohol abstinence. (Yes, I fast realised this schools isn’t for mummy’s darling.) Right now I am sitting next to my mac book waiting for my scholarship application to be uploaded and converted and I am starting to realise:

Shit is getting real! 

I haven’t even started my course at SCA but I think most of us already learned one or the other lesson during the scholarship competition or while reading one or the other book from the compulsory reading list. But the best part is always, when you try to explain your German family and friends what the SCA is about. Because nobody gets the idea what a school without exams, degrees or any kind of German precision really is should be good for. I think the first lesson that I already learned is: 

When you don’t have this inner drive to spend your mom’s annual income on a 10 months course instead of a 10 months bag packer trip across Australia (except your name is Timothy Ferriss and you manage to work 4 hours a week with a 40 k monthly income)  you simply do not belong here.

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