Short shorts, by @joelpbuckley

Joel Buckley

By Joel Buckley


Short Shorts.


When I was a kid I used to have a pair of shorts with a print of a gun and a sheriffs badge on the side.


I would rock those shorts.


Then I grew a bit and my parents said I should give them to my little brother.


But I didn’t want to.


Those shorts would make him cooler than me, and I wasn’t having that.


So I wore those shorts way longer than I should have done, and ended up looking like a tool.


I had to learn that time rolls on and things change.


MOSH is in the final stretch, the last lap before the end, and it’s time to focus on what’s next, to reacquaint with real life.


It’s been the most bizarre, enriching, challenging, and defining year of my life.


But all too soon, it’s time to move on.

It’s never easy to move from one season to the next, but it’s worse to try and hang on to shorts that are too tight.

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