Should I go Est? – By @paboukratevans

Should I go Est?

Don’t you love when the sun is high in a blue sky and the beach is at a 15 minutes’ walk, passing through a park full of pines? 

I am born here, in a small city close to Nice, where the cicada sings all day and all night. I could go to college, have a job, here life is slower and I can go to the beach afterwards. 

He’ll go Est to the south, where the sun rises. The emptiness of the beach during the winter makes you feel like you are the only living been on earth. 

Their he’s all mighty nothing needs to be bought, everything can be exchange, tomatoes, oranges and lemons that’s all you need. I can reunite with nature cutting woods and sailing on my boat every day, if I want it to.

I can stop, with a book, underneath a palm tree, while drinking some mango juice. There is something spiritual about this place, the templar has putten a castle to stop and rest in this city, because of its beauty. The Vicomte of Noailles ordered here a magnificent villa, modern during Les Années Folles. You can visit it is really lovely, Raymond Queneau had the inspiration for “Exercise in style” in the Villa Noailles. 

Why would I stay in a big city fighting for things that I can’t change?

Can I go west? 

“What we are unable to change must at least be described”. 

Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Where the sunset, I will go. I feel like I haven’t seen the whole of the ad world, I want to bring good to this world and working for clients that just want to bring cash, might be a solution. Because I am not thinking about the money. 

I am running free thanks to Marc. Because I understand what is worth working hard for and what isn’t. What I mean by that is that I can bring something good to this world without having to scam people off. 

He’ll go back to where it all started to be victorious and happy. I am not boring and I don’t get bored easily. Going to a place for old people is nice when you’re old, I want all that someday the quietness, the nice people and the Oulala. But I want to have fully felt that strange energy that emanates from London. The city where you need to fight to have a kilo of flour. 

I want my family close and they are getting closer, literally, my brothers are now an hour less away from me. While my mom is telling me to drop this, come back, have the apartment and have the car. My brothers are telling me “no worries”, they are telling me to fail. And I will fail but after having failed again and again and again, I will strive. 

He’ll go west to see the sunset and while using a figurative speech he’ll say: “got you looser”.

Ps: I know where I am going this summer.

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