Today my life changed. By @christinems_

Christine Smith

By Christine Smith


Today my life changed.

It’s weird how you picture your life. Everyone has an idea of how their future might look like and also how important it is to be in the present. My mom told me this as far back as I can remember. The fact is that you are never really in the present, and you are not in the future. So where am I?

Today we had a masterclass with David Pearl about this. He asked us to draw our life as a line in a coordinate system and add what we felt was the thing that caused our ups and downs as the y axis. In the beginning I wrote success. Success as in many things; Career, love and personal. But after a while I realised that it wasn’t really “just” that. For me it’s about feeling alive. Cause when you have downs it makes you realise and appreciate your ups and how lucky/happy you are in certain situations. When I experience new things, meet new people, do something differently I feed my brain with thoughts and impressions that makes me feel alive. 

What really made me feel weird today was our next exercise. We were all told to concentrate on three different things, with 10 minutes between each one. 

  1. Be aware of what attracted us and what didn’t
  2. Find the beauty in everything
  3. Find a place and slow down; breath more slowly, blink more slowly and just be there. 

Even though this seems really simple to do it was the weirdest trip i’ve ever been on. I suddenly found myself totally excited about a weird fruit I’ve never seen before, read books you could only reed with a loop, played on a kebab slot machine, appreciated how all the fresh fish were lined up in different colours, imagined the stories of all the different people around me and enjoyed some old trees waving ind the middle of the street. I did not only feel totally captured in time and place but also found myself with no thoughts at all and still absorbing everything in a completely new way. THAT made me feel alive. 

The last exercise we had to do was to ask our self a question and walk around trying to find inspiration or answers in our surroundings. My question to my self was: How can I continue to try those new things that keeps me feel alive? Because I know myself well enough to know how easy it is to push this aside when it’s everyday and all the days eat each other one by one, routine by routine. 

Im not sure I’ve found the right answer yet. But I know for sure that I’ll spend more time on my surroundings and notice/absorb with all my senses from now. 

My strength is my curiosity. I just have to make time for it to be explored, not only to enjoy the present but also for my future. 

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