Should we stay, should I stay?

So last week after only talking about it along ourselves, frenchies, we learnt that staying in London at SCA was an option for us. 

I was surprised by how flexible Tom was, anything could work for him so staying at SCA is definitely a viable option, which would definitely be interesting for me as I came here to expand my book, make it international or at least in English. Which is considered international for a French wouldn’t it? It might I don’t know. 

I don’t know anything anymore actually, I came here for a beautiful ending of a 5 year degree, I still want / need this degree so it’ll be crucial that if I stay at SCA in London I still get that French / European degree, otherwise I’d feel like I’d be wasting so much of the time I spent studying in France. (Which was a lot) 

I might not have had the best study record, going into psychology, failing, then fashion, succeeding but scarifying what made me like fashion, the creativity and the artistic side of it. And eventually finding out about artistic direction, a way to earn a living by being creative, an interesting path I didn’t know I could pursue, firstly because I didn’t know what it was and secondly because I didn’t think it would be suitable for me, I’m not an artist, never considered myself to be one, just a creative mind with a lot of weird ideas, but what if these weird ideas could be of use, then I wouldn’t know how to put them in execution, so here is how I started one of my biggest challenge a year ago, just go for it and try art direction, see what happens. 

So far it’s been a stressful and challenging experience but an interesting one that doesn’t make me want to give up, as opposed to approximately anything else I tried to pursue. 

Going back to staying or leaving London, it’s a tough choice… London has definitely been a great city to live in so far, rather cold and wet but such an awesome city with an awesome crowd, awesome school mates (the best actually), I feel comfortable coming at SCA, seeing the people there makes Mondays easy and the school makes Fridays stressful but that one might be on me. 

I think I will later do a list of pros and cons once I see what Sup De Pub allows us to do, I have no doubt SCA will do their best to help us, now let’s see what sup has to offer and how can things work out in the end. In the meantime I consider every options with my red and blue hat at the same time, emotionally I think I want to stay but I need to consider every aspect of what it implies, financially, visa-ly, professionally, and even psychologically I need to consider every impact this decision could have. 

Even though writing this I now see that I might just be overthinking it, how surprising of me.

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