Show us what you’re made of – By @eandertonallen

By Beth Anderton-Allen


Show us what you’re made of.


The brief was to right a wrong or wrong a right.
This was the first chance to show the industry what you’re made of. The calibre of entries is high this year and the fight is on.

It seem’s like the next intake don’t sit down they stand up. They want to be heard and they want to be seen.
They make shit happen.
Are you scared?

What did the entries show us?

– People weren’t scared to step out of their comfort zones.
– Going out and making your idea actually happen show’s your hungry.
– The go getters created a buzz in the press and on social media.
– Appliedintelligenceandcreativethinkingcantakeyourideafurtherthanyouexpect. – People weren’t scared of taking on big problems.
– The different interpretations of the brief showed the diversity in thinking.

For me the entries that stood out were the entries that took the time and went the extra mile, they built something or actually made a difference. They didn’t stop at the idea they kept pushing it. And if the next intake are thinking and acting like this already it’s defiantly going to be an exciting road ahead. Who will they scare? Who will they excite? Who will they challenge?

Good luck to everyone that entered. Can’t wait to see what you guys do.

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