The power of (moving) words

We recently had a masterclass with Rob about Kinetic typography, and it got me thinking. 

First, kinetic type is essentially animated text- it´s words in motion. Let’s talk about the power (moving) words. 

Second, words are not just tools for communication; they are the instruments of influence, capable of shaping thoughts and actions. Words can evoke a wide rage of emotions, from laughter to tears, and they are the foundation of education, literature, and storytelling. They empower individuals and drive social change, as seen in many historical movements. Words help us preserve our history and culture, enabling us to connect with another and fostering creativity and self-expression. In essence, words are the bedrock of human interaction and understanding, and harassing their power lead to more effective communication, deeper connections, and positive change in our world. 

Third, take a moment to watch this and get mad as hell. 



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