Silent Sassy tension. By @ZSlatter

By Zoe Slatter



Silent Sassy tension.


Sassy sassy.
This girl was so sassy,
She made every move her own,
Sassy strutting girl.
‘Throw your hand in the air, punch it to the left’. Cool, she probably thought’
I’ll add a butt pop and head swivel too.

Surprise, surprise she was wearing nothing.
A crop top with a crisscross back.
It made a plait down her spine to reach some sick Nike Leggings, Black of course, with a nylon tick.
Oh did I mention she had blue hair?
Yeah…sassy right.

She smirked as she danced, ending with a nod.
ewwww it was creepy,
but a certainty as if to say, ’NAILED THAT’,
We performed in two groups where she barged into centre stage. I smirked as I watched her in the mirror.

She saw this time for sure.

When it was my turn, we brushed shoulders as we passed. I thought you watch me now.
Smirky sass blue hair girl,
That sass needs to simmer down.

She obviously wanted to be the best. ha. HA. But your not.

I could feel her staring at me digging her eyes in as I danced. So I dialled up my sass, a sass on, now we had.
She nodded as we switched groups, again.
As if to tell me ‘that was pretty shit’,

‘now watch this’ she probably thought. Cheeky bitch,
But I let her have a go.

This was written after a dance class on the bus. It made sense at the time. But Its expresses my reflection on how much tension is created through pure competition and drive to be the best, without exchanging any words. The girl and I left our competitiveness at the door as we both ended up in the same lift down to the tube. We were awkwardly stood next to each other but we both smiled politely as if to say, well done.

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