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Alex Overland

By Alex Overland



Sleep Mode


It’s important to switch off once in a while. But maybe I’m not as switched off as I think I am; maybe when I think I’m switched off I’m actually just somewhere between​ on and off, like the sleep mode on a computer. Which is nice, I guess – I try and not think about briefs or work, or be intimidated by looming deadlines. But I’m not really switching my brain off properly, which means I never really feel safe from the pressure of work, it’s always there, in varying levels of intensity.

I went home for a few days over Easter, which is a super­-effective way of switching off. But for everyday use, something smaller would be better. I’m filtering which activities distract my brain to switch off of work, and which just put it in distraction-­induced sleep mode. These don’t work: five minutes of music; Netflix/Youtube; eating (too passive). These work for me: Reading (not on a screen), making something, staring into a candle’s flame (seriously).

It’s frustrating to spend time away from work, but not coming back fully charged — it’s not efficient. Resting efficiently should ultimately lead to resting less, because the work/play-­balance will be like On-­off, On-­off, less like On… sleep-­mode….on (again). Work smart is a good mantra, but ‘rest smart’ is useful too.

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