By Elliot Lee




Just over three weeks ago I found out that I was maybe one, or two places away from winning a scholarship worth £14,250. Yes that’s correct, £14,250. I had made it to the final five for the shortlisted scholarship, and I missed out to some well-deserved and great ideas. Now is my time to reflect.


I had true belief in my idea, breaking the boundaries within art education is an exciting prospect that I really believe the SCA and the amazing new intake can help me push to that next level, embodying clear change making principles and tapping into the zeitgeist. However, in terms of my scholarship entry, there were numerous cracks that held me back from the potential scholarship.


The lack of craft towards my video, and the disregard to utilising the importance of Adobe Premier was one crucial aspect that set me back. Also, the overall concept could have been more authentic if I had pushed my ideas out more in the real world, and caused the storm and chaos it so desperately needed.


I had tasted to what I believe was my first failure, and I haven’t even started the school yet.


One of many reasons that made the SCA so appealing is this recognition in failure, and using it as a driving force to better yourself and the work you create.


So, what did I do as a quick shuffle round, and a little bit of a fuck it attitude to get myself ready and prepared for the school. Well… my university graduation was scheduled a week after the scholarships winners were announced, and personally, I’m not really into these big ‘hoorah’ celebrations. The graduation was to keep my parents sweet; to be perfectly honest I’d actually had a good final year, so they were pretty disappointed when I told them instead of attending my graduation, I’d booked a last minute lads holiday to Croatia. The thought of sun, sea, booze, beaches and wild partying was more appealing than throwing a stupid square hat in the air, while my mum takes pictures on her Nokia 3310.


All in all, after getting absolutely robbie wreckoed for 5 days, I feel rejuvenated. I even managed to get through some of ‘Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath’. It’s time to get serious. Conquering the reading list, mastering Adobe Premier, enhancing my entrepreneurial skills, and preparing to re-learn everything I thought I knew about creativity.


We’ve all read the blogs, and been to the studio. It’s going to be a crazy year at the SCA, and there are big shoes to fill. Preparation is going to be key for this next month, but I’m ready to make the big move to London, and take this next step in my journey.

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