In A Nutshell – By @karolinakezdi

By Karolina Kezdi

In A Nutshell

To start this SCAB with ‘I was born…’ is too obvious. So instead here’s 27.529 years compiled into a 6 point numbered list. Enjoy.

1. I was sitting in the waiting room of the otolaryngology almost every second Tuesday because my ears were in pain. The doctor punctured my eardrums 22 times. It turns out it was a psychological coping mechanism. I truly hated kinder garden, from the bottom of my heart. My teacher was an all time joyless and acrimonious woman, unsavoury towards kids. And so, I preferred sitting in the clinic with my Dad.

2. My sister sat on the purple toilet seat extension for kids, and I was sick, and I told her I have to vomit, but she didn’t let me do it there, so the puke landed on the floor. My Mom wasn’t home. Dad cleaned us up, and the bathroom. That was the moment I realised a man can love their kids in just the same way as a woman. So I believe (even if I dated mostly heartless dickheads) that a father’s love is as strong as that of a mother’s.

3. I was sitting on my parents double bed and watching a book burning in our fireplace. My dad bought a book in the second-hand bookshop for my Mom, but it turns out she already had it, and so he just threw it in the fire, unable to handle the failed gift. It hurt, being able to read. It was oppressive like an Andresen tail, a book about the smell of a mysterious adult wisdom it just annihilated. I was crying, for I respected books.

4. I was sitting at the dining table in our old house and ranting about my homework whilst gesturing heavily. I accidentally pushed the infra lamp and burnt my sisters face. My mum grabbed our hands and told us to always take care of each other as inevitably one day we won’t have parents. Friends and lovers will come and go so we must be there for one another. My mother cried.

5. At the same dining table, 20 years later, I interviewed my mum about her profession for my university project. She talked about teaching (she’s a primary school teacher), when her face suddenly changed – a face nostalgically passionate.. even after 30 years. I watched as she struggled with her tears and I felt ashamed and guilty of underestimating her job when I was a teenager, a time when you aren’t proud. She didn’t travel with her job, she didn’t dressed elegantly and she wasn’t payed well. She still isn’t. At that moment I promised myself I would follow my dreams with that same passion. And that’s when I also understood how lucky I am to have parents who always support each other and allow us to do what makes us happy, respect our talents, who are passionate, eager and hard working.

6. I was sitting in a shopping centre food hall the day after my granddad, who was an actor, committed suicide. I knew what truly happened but my dad lied about how he died and so… I forced him to tell me the truth. A day later it was in the news and my dad couldn’t handle us finding out through the papers. I didn’t want lies. I don’t want lies. There is no point in lying. I require honesty.

I’m straightforward, so please… be the same with me.

In SCA we write personas, we want to understand our product, company, customer, but we don’t do the same with our partners. We work together, the key is telling our personal stories for a better insight. I started. So who’s next?

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