Last run. Sprint it. By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud


Last run. Sprint it.

We’re busy. All the time. 

From Monday 8 am to Friday 6 pm.

We always have our mind focused on a problem. 

Or more.

Including our personal problems – if we have any – our minds are busy every single minute of every single day.

We’re just a bunch of busy weirdos.


At least 5 days a week.

I don’t mind being busy.

I actually really enjoy being busy.

I always have.

So how come these past three weeks I have experienced this feeling of being brain dead, almost every single day?

Lack of sleep.

Laptop’s screen broken.

PB1 + PB2.

Market House on Fridays.

Two more weeks and I know I’ll be able to finally recharge properly.

But before this, we all have to run our last sprint of the year.

PB2 + Live Brief.

5 one day briefs.

Metro brief.

No Market House this Friday.

I’m going to run these last kilometres as fast as I can.

But I need to make sure I won’t fall.

Wish me luck. 


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