So here I am! @sakeo94

So here I am! Already one week since the beginning of SCA! It seemed to be so far away a few weeks ago but the first week is finally over ! And what a crazy week! First, our first, first day of school (that’s a lot of first !). We met all the other sup de pub students, that we’ll actually see again in January only for the competition organized by the school. And then, on Tuesday the second first day. The real big day. And this time it was at SCA. And this is from this day that everything started and will start.

At first, it was very scary. Studying at SCA meant to move to London and to start a new life in a new city in a new country. And it also meant hearing and speaking English all day long. But then l, the first days passed and all my fears disappeared. So yes, this year is going to be a challenging one. Sometimes it won’t be easy and I’ll maybe break down in tears at some point under pressure. But it won’t be for nothing. Because this new year is going to be great in so many aspects. I can only improve who I am. SCA will allow me to trust my gut and to follow what I think is the best thing to do. It will help me not being afraid anymore of sharing and executing my ideas. Because there are no bad ideas and they all have a meaning, no one should ever make fun of them. And this is something very important to know and to respect.

What I love and respect about SCA is that it teaches us to trust each other and to not judge the others. Studying at SCA is like being a part of a huge family where everybody’s different but still complementary.

The first day at SCA was actually pretty tough, it directly get us into the mood. It was hard, not because of what we did, but because of the fact everything was said and done in English. And before that day I never realized how exhausted it was to have to be concentrated for hours to understand and speak in a foreign language. So yes, this first day was quite difficult to follow. But I realized that, since then, so only three days after, I made such good progress ! I’m still far for being bilingual but seeing progress after only a few days gives me hope and I know that in a few months (or even weeks, who knows!) I’ll break the language barriers to finally be free from what curbs my wish to express myself more.

So, to resume these first days, they really give me confidence that this year is going to be cool, exhausting, fun, crazy, hard but finally so amazing! This week marks the beginning of a new journey that I will always remember.


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