So I’m not going to lie – By @eandertonallen

Beth Anderton-Allen

By Beth Anderton-Allen


So I’m not going to lie

So I’m not going to lie, I’m not really someone that has ever been into reading books. In fact I’m
not sure I have ever really completed a book…in its entirety. So when I was faced with the
daunting task of the SCA reading list I was a little worried to say the least.
I even managed to get through my degree without reading a full book.. but I thought I’m 100% not going to get away
with this at SCA.
So I clicked the checkout button in my Amazon basket and decided to crack on with the list.
A few days later, when the doorbell rang and the postman handed me my first parcel containing the
epic brain twister “Your Memory” – as previously told that this one was meant to be quite tricky to
get your head around…I was a little worried to say the least.
But I started to read it, every journey I took on the tube I would carry the book with me and
immerse myself into trying to learn how my memory works….. and before I knew it…. it was
complete. So I gave my self a pat on the back (as Marc told us to).
So Far ‘Made to Stick’ has been the best book I have read – it’s bloody fantastic.
But next week I am setting off on a little trip around Europe before I start SCA….and a fair few of
the books from the reading list are accompanying me on my trip. The trip is related to my passion
project.. but I will tell you all about that some other time.

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