Something nice about our partner – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19



Something nice about our partner


It’s been a challenging week in the studio. Let’s each say something nice about our partner or the person we’ve been working with this week.


Here’s the one thing we really get excited about when working with our partner.


Alex T: I have no idea where Saphire’s brain is at, or where she gets her ideas from but they’re bloody marvellous. You can’t not look at things that she’s drawn. You can’t look away. Once she has you, she has you. Like a black widow spider. But a fit one.


Lauren: there is nobody else i would happily sit opposite day in and day out than Lucy.  Apart from being an amazing writer she does all the art direction I don’t have time to complete and can make my thoughts into coherent sentences.   Talks a lot and is better at explaining our ideas than I am. I enjoy how passionate she is in our ideas and how she motivates me to be better. She’s the only person I would cry over for a project for and between crying we do actually have a laugh with trying to push SMP’s to mentors with window shopping for retirement.


Lucy: From day one when I saw her eat a cheeseburger in one bite, I knew that Lauren was the woman for me. There are so many things I admire and love about Lauren I don’t know really where to begin. She’s intelligent, hilariously funny, selfless and doesn’t take life or herself too seriously. Which is exactly what I need because at times I can be overdramatic. She’s also a sick art director despite liking the colour brown and dismissing my love of lilac. Her work ethic is insane. She gets up at like 6am and doesn’t sleep before important deadlines. She’s really hard working and most importantly a really good person who I consider to be a lifelong friend. She’s a goofy egg Lauren, and she also likes star signs and cats. Which in my head, was a no brainer.


Lauren: (I tolerate cats) is this the deal breaker?


Lauren and Lucy: We felt like proud parents watching Dean craft his book this week. The post it notes from his book are gone and now there’s physical print ads being shown around the room. He’s doing it all alone and we’re so proud of him. We’re both jealous of your Rolls Royce campaign and wish we had thought of it ourselves. He’s a great writer. No, like really a good writer. Lucy’s jealous. Partner with him. If you don’t…he may just break us both up.


Charles: Josie is an incredibly funny woman. If I haven’t burst into uncontrollable laughter over some random anecdote she’s told or observation she’s made, then I know my day is going badly. It’s not just the laughs though, she’s fucking smart too. And she knows it. Of all the things I admire about Josie, it’s her abundance of confidence and assuredness that make her a truly great partner. All in all, she’s a legend and I’m so glad we work together.


Alex B: Holly is a mega talented art director and super humble about it. She puts up with my scattered brain, and appreciates burrata more than anyone I know.


Karolina is passionate and determined. She falls head over heels for ideas and works her ass off.


Holly: Alex is quick, smart and determined when it comes to ideas. Thinks I am good at art direction, ha I have fooled her! Deals with my goldfish like attention span like a champ.


Saphire: I’ve found the wordsmith to my brain. The best one on the market. His words? Golden. Like pickles, we’ll just get better with age. PC4MAC4EVA.


Mary: It’s a joy to see Andy’s eyes light up when an great idea pops into his head. It’s always fun and I think his more serious work stuns us both. He also has great legs and some brilliant one liners


Karolina is a powerhouse!


Maddy: Joe’s great. We laugh a lot because we’re only ever talking about really dumb stuff. But that’s what we like. He has some really mad ideas that I would never have thought of in a million years. He’s impossible to get stressed out around because when I do, it’s like water off a duck’s back and he doesn’t sweat it at all. I feel like I’m working with one of my brothers – I really appreciate them, have tonnes of fun and think they’re wicked, so I show that by calling them an annoying cunt. Stay cunty, you total nerd.


Joe B/C: Mandy.. shit wait….Maddy is just so lovely. She’s always filled with positivity and enthusiasm that could honestly rival that of my old R.S teacher, Mrs Herbert. She’s impossible to irritate and about as calm a racoon in a bathtub (quite erratic).


Quality banter aside, she really is a joy to be in a partnership with. Getting to come into school and laugh at stupid shit most of the day sounds like my idea of work. She’s super talented, energetic and totally knows when it’s time to shut up and get on with it, which we all need.


Jemma: Zoe is currently asleep right now. I think ( and she would agree) is that what is fabulous about us is that when one person is down the other knows how to bring them back up and put a smile on their face. We can chat shit to each other but we are also not afraid to debate on what we feel is right. Sometimes we don’t even need to speak to each other, we just grunt to communicate because we understand each other so well. Zoe is fiercely intelligent so she constantly makes me want to outdo her in everything. I become a better creative because of that.


Dan: Jacob is a man but more importantly he’s an

art director he’s man with an eye for what works visually he’s a man with a sense of humour he’s a man who wears glasses and skinny jeans he’s a man who’s been through a lot he’s a man who has a great heart he’s a man who’s totally grounded he’s a man who understands what people want he’s a man who deserves everything he’s a man who has me and you know what mum I don’t care what you say I love him.


Coco: Leli makes me question what we are doing with our lives. Weirdly enjoying it too much


Joe F: how the fuck did I end up with Aleks? Honestly. Is there a mistake? Better not let her down because she makes the weird shit we think up with together come to life. I lucked out, bruh.


Andy: Mary makes me calm. Which is weird because she is absolutely out of her tree. She is outrageously brave, unembarrassed and modest to a fault. She’s an opportunity maker. As a result, her stories are GOLD.


Ruby: Vic puts a smile on my face every day. She makes me laugh non-stop. She’s always got a smart idea and she’s not afraid to put the work in. She’s my buddy and it’s a joy to work with her.


Vic: What can I say about Ruby? Oh yeah, he’s probably the last person I thought I would work well with. But instead here we are, nearly three months into the partnership. He’s one of the only people in the course I am actually myself with, while he (as I’ve mentioned many times) seems to be able to comfortably strike up a conversation with anyone.

A man with a plan, he speaks his mind quickly and directly. Also, he’s a workaholic, which really spurs me to be better (as well as being the best characteristic in a partner, really).


Karolina-. She has all the energy, all the ideas and all the determination.  

Beyoncé:“Who runs the world?”

SCA:“Karolina! (or at least she can sneak her way into the meeting room)”


DJ is not scared to stray away from the well-trodden path. He is passionate about so many things, and is not taken aback by any obstacles he faces. Definitely as cool as a cucumber!


Sophie: Mario has glasses now and that’s all I’ve ever needed in my life. I’m a lucky man. Gemina brings mad positivity and enthusiasm to every brief and it’s contagious. I love hearing all of her weird and wonderful ideas. Her Art Direction is insane, but more than anything I adore her ability to transform the tiniest seedlings of thoughts into something big, beautiful and meaningful. What have I done to deserve you? If you were a hotel on Tripadvisor, I wouldn’t even give you a review for fear that other people might find you and book up all your rooms for years to come. I hope I don’t let you down.


Forrest: Everything that Marta says unlocks doors. She holds the key to every brief and just waits for the perfect time to gently mumble something like “What if you could get your whole town talking about you?” Boom. What was that? Game over. She is more positive and patient than anyone I know and I honestly, honestly don’t believe I’ve heard her say the word ‘no’. Ever. She’s a brief cracker. A hammer. And despite this all, I just cannot wait for Brexit to send her back to Spain! No but lol seriously now, come on, guys. Marta is a properly good match for me. She lets me be myself around our work and I don’t often do that, nor do people often let me.


Josie: Okay! Time to be genuine: what a lucky partner am I. There really is no end to laughs when I’m with Charles – he has a magical ability to get me lolling about and loving life, even when we’re both feeling drab. We all know he’s one of the best copywriters going but he’s also got a superb instinct for what looks good (hello? Have you seen his ’fits?) Without his impeccable taste, acid sharp commentary and dulcet tones I would struggle a lot more with my time at SCA. Can’t wait to launch ourselves onto the ad world together like a pair of charming and annoying babies xoxox


Marc: Marc’s a top lad. Proper loves a night out with the boys. He spends his weekend smanging strikes and spares at the bowling alley or just cutting up the ice rink.


Marta: He’s anything but boring. Every word Forrest says has emotion. We disagree all the time but weirdly we can understand each other and we don’t stop until we arrive with something we both truly believe in. He’s never satisfied with our work so he makes me better. But without a doubt the thing I value most about him is his humbleness, he’s such a kind man. I remember he said once that if I have to come back to Spain he’d cry a lot and he’d not be able to get over it. I agree.  


Patxi: Tom is one of a kind. An intellectual force chock full of obscenities, yet still one of the most genuine and caring people I’ve ever met. The yang to my yin. Perfect opposites with the same strange fuckin sense of humor. Every day begins with laughter and jokes, and somehow ends with new exciting ideas I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. His prose is unmatched and he has a knack for bringing life to stories and to my crazy characters. Tom constantly reminds me how fun this job can be and I’m so damn thankful for that. Excited to see where our crazy brains take us next.


Aleks : Joe is just amazing. Thanks to always finding a way to make me less stressed, thanks to always motivating me at the end of the day. Honestly it’s hard to find someone like you because I just feel our skills match really well together. I hope we’re gonna build a fucking great portfolio. My experience with you for D&AD just showed me how hard a worker you are and, to be fair, I need this person who is going to stay late with me when we have to finish something, someone who I can count on. So thanks. Thanks for being like that and don’t change please.


Jacob:  Den is a man of many talents. He’s wise and humble. Caring and kind. He has taught me what it means to enjoy my life and shows me how to be a better person. He makes me laugh and teaches me what it means to question my own sexuality. As long as we run hand in hand into the sunset the demons can never get us. Can they? Hello? Den are you there? After a failed partnership and a year of  never finding myself in this line of work. I can finally see a future in this job and it’s all thanks to you. You make it an honor come into school everyday and I know we are going to do great things.

Den is a man I know. He’s not a great man, he’s not a wise man. He’s not always a good man but he is a nice man. Up to a point.


More for the Dean lovefest. Dean is the most positive, curious, generous, oddball in the gang. Sizzling with ideas that nobody else is going to get to and prepared to go the extra martian mile. He’s had it tough because he doesn’t fit the template and he hasn’t quite found his match. But when he does…


Karolina: Mary is kind. Mary is bad ass.


Vic makes me calm, I make her well-fed.


Only one person funniest than Alex, her boyfriend.


Dean, I’ve wrote a 500 words long love letter SCAB for you – I’m sure you still haven’t read it – but everyone has to know how brilliant piece of human are you.


Leli: I never knew how good it feels to work with someone who’s so much on the same wavelength as you. It makes every day pleasant and fun, no matter how stressful. With Coco, I work harder. Going from the highest highs to the lowest lows together in the same day with a lot of laughter. Sometimes because we have fun, sometimes because we go manic.


Tom:  Partnerships are hard. It’s really terrifying to have to think you can’t do this without someone else. I know I certainly can’t. So when you struggle to find a partner you gel with, there’s this awful dread. Like proper existential doom. And I know I upset people I’ve worked with in the past and it honestly still bothers me that I might be an irredeemable cunt and I’ll never make good work because of it.

So when Patxi and I started working together I was worried. I was scared I was going to fuck it. But I haven’t, not yet, and that’s all down to him. He’s honestly a very special man.

He’s the opposite of me, an easy going, all smiles, good soul, who keeps me grounded and mellows out my madness just enough for us to get shit done.

You’ve all seen his drawings and his art direction, everything he does has such personality, there’s character and vibrance in his work that makes me smile everytime I see it.

You’d be shocked at just how hard he works. When we did the video for AMV he did literally hundreds of drawings over two drafts for nearly a month to get it right, it was incredible.

He’s outrageously positive, I don’t think he’s ever shot down a single thing I’ve said and I say the stupidest things. All we do all fucking day is laugh and get excited, he’s made this job fun, so much funner than I could have ever imagined it being and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Thanks Patch, you’re a gem.


Alysha: Phil has one of the most extraordinary brains I’ve ever come across. He’s so quick, blink and you’ll miss the four hundred thousand top notch ideas coming at you. He’s so speedy that the rest of the world feels like it’s in slow motion. Phil is basically the exact antithesis of everything he thinks he is – he’s definitely a man that belongs at SCA doing cool shit and not amongst the dusty library books of yesteryear or doing something boring like… financial equity. Whatever that is. He also looks way, way better in my clothes than I do. More importantly, he makes me want to work harder than I ever have, to even scratch the surface of his mega work ethic. Phil makes me believe that I can achieve exactly what I want. He’s as kind and caring as he is intelligent and that’s no small feat. I feel truly #blessed to know him let alone to be working alongside him.


Dean puts himself into his work like no one else. ⅘ days that I worked with Dean, he was in total silence. But silent Dean is only half a Dean. Because Dean’s a real treat when he opens that Aussie gob of his. On day 5, despite the, ahem, hardship of the previous days, he finally came to life, and I had one of the most exciting and fulfilling days of partner work I’ve had in a long time. Dean sparks interesting, emotional and hilarious conversation like no other. He’s eloquent, exuberant and an endless well of references. His mind goes to the weirdest places, and takes you along for the ride. If you never want to endure another dull moment with a partner, work with Dean. Dean is creativity personified.


Zoe: I mean, Jemma is my best friend and I’m pretty sure she’s my soulmate (soz joe). That made us a little hesitant to work together but it’s turned out to be the best thing ever. We make each other laugh, we’re there for each other when we cry, we can talk all day and go in and out of ad talk happily. She also has the kind of confidence and ability to talk to people that makes me so grateful for her whenever we go anywhere. Her ideas are big and fun and misspelt, and I never get tired of bouncing off them and proofreading. #blessed


Tarun: Rachel makes art direction look so effortless that it makes me feel like less of a lazy bastard when I don’t help at all. Conversations with her can go pretty much anywhere, but somehow always end up back at her disdain for capitalism and her weird obsession with my mother. She teaches me something new everyday and always has chocolate when you need it. I suppose the only way to know a partnership is working is if you’re having as much fun as we are with every brief we’re given.


Rachel: Tarun spins words effortlessly, he’s the chill guy of our pair which is great for me since I can finally freak out once in a while. We always seem to have fun whatever we work on together, talking about weird things such as killing jeff bezos or how spicy Tarun’s mother is. It’s weird thinking how a few months ago me and him would barely talk and now I can’t imagine not interacting with him. How did I get so lucky snagging one of the top copywriters in the class.


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