Achieve your big dream. By @charl_49

By Charlotte Allard


Achieve your big dream.


We all have a big dream life plan.

Life plan, no matters where we come from, it give us wings.

Wings will give us visibility.

Visibility will make us think forward.

See forward will awake us.

Being awake will make us affront problems and solve them.

Be able to solve problem it’s a mark of maturity.

Maturity will help us to build a plan.

Plan will push us to be educated.

Education is the reason why we are going to school.

School is a lift to achieve our goal.

Our goal is to found a rewarding job.

This job will create professional network.

Our network will tell us advice.

Advice will avoid preventable mistakes.

Avoid mistakes, better than other people, will create opportunities.

Opportunities are challenging.

Challenges are adventurous.

Adventures will be hard and perilous.

Risk will give us a great salary.

This salary will offer us financial resource.

Resource will make us freer.

Freedom will give us independence.

Independence will shape our ambition.

Being ambitious could change our big dream to another scale.

Expand our project will take us more time.

Time is flying and will create multiple meetings.

Meeting the one.

One soul mate will bring another way to think.

Another way to think will open new perspectives.

Perspectives drive us to work harder

Hard work beats talent.

Talented or not the competition will calling us to face challenges.

Challenging our-self to be parents.

Parents of our own family cocoon.

A cocoon for who we will be dedicated and protector.

A guardian full of responsibility.

Responsibility will press our determination.

Determination will play a key role in our career.

Work isn’t everything, there is family.

A family will make the people around us proud.

Our success will offer legitimate breaks.

Breaks will make us breath again.

Finally breath in holidays.

Holiday will nurture your ideas.

Ideas are coming from the outside word.

This time out will give us an open-minded.

Our mind will be set to welcome other culture.

Culture gathered in big cities.

Cities created a diversity of civilization.

A society ready to share tradition and culture.

Learn culture will be through discussion and meeting.

Meeting artists, doctor, migrants or anyone

Every one will teach us a life lesson.

All lesson have will teach us a useful new discovery.

Discovery will feed our thirstiness to create.

Our creativity will open unexpected skills.

Skills will give us confidence.

Confidence will give us power.

Power will give us the clout needed to achieve our big dream.

New big dreams will be set.


I’ve been ask this week “what is your big dream”?


I want to be independent, proud and reputed for my work.

I want to leave my inkblot.

I want to have a family and share time to make my kids learn from my mistakes.

I want to be my own chef, master of the decisions that will draw my life.

Finally, I want to dream big at any step of my journey.



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