So one thing I really liked that we were introduced to over the first weeks at SCA is the concept of squirrelling. Going out into the world and experiencing or seeing things that you then jot down/ take a photo to then draw from for your later work.

Here’s a quick photo dump of some things I’ve seen since starting SCA that I thought were interesting/ of note, and the reasons why.

Two red hoovers abandoned on the side of the road. Both Hoover brand and pretty similar. It’s nice to imagine they just went out on a jolly and stopped for a break together.

This rug was created by artist Hassan Hajjaj. I loved the idea that you can have a physical execution of a concept that doesn’t meet any of the rules for that category. I thought this was a wonderful practical execution of the ‘Revolution’ aspect of the four R’s. Subversion in action. Nice.

Saw this grape drink can on the side of the road. Never seen a clear can before. Loved the idea of something you typically associate with a cold harsh metal being clear and transparent.

Just at the crossing by Clissold park, there’s a waterbottle that’s been embedded into the zebra crossing. Love the notion of something being where it shouldn’t be, but then becoming part of that larger thing anyway.

Someone set a bin on fire.

This bin had a face. I love the anthropomorphisation of objects, and feel like this is a beautiful execution.

And finally, please enjoy this rather overgrown phone box. I love how nature reclaimed this space, and has now rendered the initial function useless.
What have you seen this week?


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