Breaking up with advertisement

At the beginning of the week, instead of drowning in insights, and trying to achieve saliency with entrepreneurial ideas, along with a bunch of other things you expect from a day at SCA, we took a bit of a break and dived into something I’m all too familiar with; Photography and videography.

Rob MacGillivray taught a lesson about using dual audio to shoot and edit interviews and how to do studio lighting for portraits. We all took turns photographing and also becoming the photographer, directing our ‘models’ on what to do/how to look whilst playing with the lighting setup to achieve our goal. 

Some of the key things it took away are the difference between having two cameras instead of one when filming a subject. It makes an interview more engaging and allows you to see certain aspects of the person’s mannerisms. It also helps if one camera goes out or becomes out of focus. 

When it came to photography, Rob taught us some famous lighting techniques such as: 

Rambrant (creates a triangle on the cheek),

Split (splits the face, only seeing half of it lit), 

 Paramount (creating a shadow directly beneath the subject’s nose)

And catchlight (causes a highlight in a subject’s eye).

Getting back into the studio and taking portraits took me back to a year ago when I studied photography at university. I forgot how much I enjoyed framing a narrative and capturing a subject in a new/different light. I decided to take my camera for a spin and went shooting. I took photos, objects, buildings, you name it, I shot it. Here of some of the images I took recently. 

It’s always good to take a step back and not always have your head stuck up advertisement ass. Taking photographs cleared my mind and allowed me to be creative in a different way which helped me develop some craft for more ad-related projects. 

Remember to invest in your hopes and find a way to be creative. You never know where it may lead you. 


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