STRESS! By @ChristianAasber

By Christian Aasberg





When I got the message that I had been accepted into the school, I was filled with joy, I couldn’t believe it, I ran around telling everyone at the office that I had been accepted. Then it hit me, the school start was 2 WEEKS away. I had two weeks to pack down my life in Denmark, find a place to stay, book a plane ticket and d the assignments. So, it is safe to say I was a bit stressed.


The first thing I did was, panic, I panicked big time, I did not know what to of myself, and I had so many things planned over the next week + I still had a full time job.

I used about a day running around, basically doing nothing, because I did not know where to start. When I had finished with my panic attack, the first thing I did was to terminate my apartment lease. Then I started packing down my apartment, one box at the time.

It went fine, I got a lot done I the first couple of days, and was really satisfied with myself, so I decided to take a break and go have coffee with some friends and break the news to them, they were all very supportive of my decision. Then my parents called, they were not sure they would be home the weekend I left, so I went to visit them in my hometown, and suddenly that half a day break, turned into a three day family goodbye.

Then I checked my mail, and saw the assignment list from Marc, I had to do assignments two weeks before school start? I stood there thinking, where to start, where to start?

So I started with the assignment I thought would take the longest, my passion project, luckily I still had my work computer from the agency I was working at, so I could edit the film on that. Now what was I going to do my project around? The first couple of ideas I had was very big and then I remembered I did not have the time to set something that big up.

Hmm, what about? No I don’t have time for that either, and my mind went on like that for about a day, until I decided on a project, I was going to do the project around something I was passionate about and at the same time it was a creative way to show people who I am as a person.

Luckily, I had recorded some video diaries about my road to competing in Copenhagen Ironman. So I found them, looked them through, edited them a bit, put them together, graded them, added some music and about 3 hours later, the project, pwhh, first assignment done and send. On to the next, while I finish packing down my apartment.

Stay tuned.


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