Stuff you wouldn’t believe exists, but actually does.

Think entrepreneurial. That’s what Marc always says. Find a mess. Fix it. Find another mess, find a way to fix that one. 

Mess isn’t a hard thing to come by on this shit-caked floating dump of a rock we call Earth, hence why I’ve managed to locate a few of the best mess-solving inventions that exist (in my opinion). Feast your eyes upon these wonders, hopefully they spark something. 

Enjoy, and you’re welcome in advance x 

The Fliz. 

One way to overcome the discomfort of a bike saddle is to add a harness to an over-frame with wheels. Obviously. This is probably ideal for downhill speeds and then you can just sort of run like a toddler when on level ground. 

Baby Mop

Your baby is already crawling all over the floor, why not put it to work and get the most out of your offspring? Teach it what the true meaning of a hard graft is. 

Hamster Shredder

Yes it’s called that and no it doesn’t actually turn your hamster into mincemeat. What it actually does is use hamster wheel generated power to shred paper, which also happens to work perfectly as hamster bedding. 

Lickable Wallpaper

I’ve got to be honest I’m not entirely sure what mess this is fixing. Really I just wanted to share my amusement at the thought of getting home from a long day at work and snacking on your own wallpaper whilst dinner cooks. 

Die with me

No I’m not talking about suicide pacts, I’m actually talking about an app. Die with me is a messaging app that you can only access if you have under 5% phone battery. You can chat with strangers who are also under 5% so you can “die together”. Kinda dark. Kinda intriguing. 

Japanese “certificates of lateness”. 

In Japan, if a train is late the conductors will hand out these “certificates of lateness” so you can prove to your boss that you’re not fibbing about being late. Think we’d run up a nationwide shortage of these within a week in England. 

The Infinity Burial Suit. 

Now this is cool, and solves an actual issue caused by overpopulation. This suit is predicted to replace coffins in the future, and is infused with mushroom spore threads that will help decompose your body and fuel new growth. 

Riken Robear

Though the face of this thing may haunt your dreams, the Robear helps fulfill a very real need. It’s a full service caretaker for those with disabilities or mobility problems due to age or illness. Weighing a little over 300 lbs. it provides autonomy to those who would otherwise be trapped relying on others.

Anti-theft lunch bags. 

Can you imagine the horror seeping onto the face of that sandwich-thieving fiend from marketing when he opens the communal work fridge to find this. That lunchtime harlot won’t be stealing your sarnie anytime soon. (Maybe @charlieL needs some of these in Trek Bar size for the studio).  

Pizza Scissors.

All I will say is that this is the ergonomic work of a genius. Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie. Never again will I singe my poor little fingertips on a molten pizza slice again, or rip the toppings from the dough as I hack away with a pizza cutter like an Italian Hannibal Lecter.


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