Thank You and Good Night – By @SergeantPluck

By Tom Flynn



Thank You and Good Night.


This is my final scab, the last time you will ever have to endure the scratchings of a man with an inflated sense of self-importance despite his rapidly declining standing in polite society. What can I possibly say here to reflect on the wonderful ordeal that was the School of Communication arts 2.0. Fuck knows dear reader, fuck knows. Let’s just waffle, shall we?

This morning I listened to a podcast where the speaker discussed how the propensity of Irish male youths to embroil themselves in the terminology of the IRA and Irish republicanism is actually an act devoid of political significance but is in fact a masculine ritual of semiotic association. That is to say, saying ‘up the ra’ isn’t an expression of support for the paramilitary terror organisation but instead is to say ‘I like the IRA, the IRA are hard, ergo, I am hard’. The IRA herein exist only in the heads of the young men, and are in fact not at all related to the actual organisation which bares the same name. They are Baudrillardian Hyperreal Simulacrum, That’s a mouthful innit. In simpler terms it means they are a fake without an original. Umbert Eco referred to this phenomenon as authentic fakes. This is little digression occurred on the Blindboy Podcast on an episode called ‘Arse Children’, I would highly recommend it, he reads a wonderful short story afterward.

It makes me reflect slightly on what we’ve spent the last nine months or so creating. We supposedly were learning to make ads. That is, creative communications with the intent of selling products and services. And we have in fact produced a large volume of things that we believe would perform this task. The thing is that they don’t and never will in most cases. We haven’t made any ads at all. We have books full of simulacra. Maybe that in part is what is causing this horrible sense of dread I’m experiencing. The year is coming to a close, we have no jobs and soon we will thrust from the loving embrace of SCA and out into the cold harsh real world. I feel like I should be working harder and harder, but like what do I work harder on? All you have to do is keep putting things in your book, that’s not really hard is it?  It’ll all be alright, it always is, but the fear is still there. I suppose I just wanna make real ads at this stage.

Enough ranting, I’m going to use my final scab breath to say thank you to everyone at SCA. Marc, Marcia, Max, Mike, Michael, Chris, Caz, Ian, Rob, Dusty, Viki, Olli, Uri, Amy and anyone I may have forgotten, thank you for your time and patience with me, it means the world and I could never repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me. Thank you.

To the rest of HUSH, thanks lads, it’s been absolutely categorically beautiful, you’re the best family a man could ask for, thank you and I love you.


Goodnight, Godbless,



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