THANK YOU, GIRLS – By @EvaMenovsky

By Eva Menovsky



Because of international women’s day, I thought I would give a big thank you to all the special women in my life.

Thank you, mama, for raising me and my sister on your own and setting an example that even when things are tough you push through. You’ve empowered me to be myself, to be strong and taught me that girls can do anything.

Thank you, my little sister, for always being beside me, having my back and for being so different than me. It gave me the possibilities to learn, to grow and to find my own voice.

Thank you, Oma hum, for teaching me the value of kindness, gratitude and hope. You’ve taught me that kindness always rewards, even if the kindness itself, is the reward. You’ve taught me to always believe in a better world. And you’ve taught me to be happy with the small things in life.

Thank you, An, for starting the conversation about death and therefore making me less scared to die. To push me to live life to the fullest as the one who is afraid of death is afraid of life.

Thank you, Clara, for making me feel 6 years old again when we are together, for creating so much space for me to be me, and simply just being the best friend ever.

Thank you, Fre, for taking care of me, for being my mom’s third daughter and for being the sweetest ever.

Thank you, Emma, for inspiring me with your mind and soul to push me further than I ever thought I could go.

Thank you, Goya, for being the weirdest women I’ve ever met and bringing so much more colour and joy into my life.

Thank you, Emily, for caring beyond anyone I’ve ever known and for bringing a little innocence into the world.

Thank you, Malou, for always making me laugh, for being fun and for inspiring me to go out of my comfort zone.

Thank you, Doppie, Pee & Sjeu, for bringing me into your family, for supporting me and for inspiring me to get the most out of myself.

Thank you, Hannah, for having so much fun, to make me feel young again and feeling that the world still lays on your feet.

Thank you, Maxje, Kik & Zala, for taking me into your group and babysitting me for as long as I lived, for being the coolest people I’ve ever met, and for being my family.

Thank you, Ruby & Romy, for being two amazing fake big sisters.

Thank you, Djuna, for teaching me about love and relationships, to always seek further than to settle and to love deeply.

Thank you, Leah&Ava, for empowering me with your new thoughts about feminism even when you are 6 and 8 years old.

Thank you, Rita, for being my first girlfriend here in London, for making me feel at home here and for being the most loyal friend.

Thank you, Deanne, for your beautiful words that make me want to write more.

Thank you, Alice, for being yourself, in this crazy SCA and therefor bringing a little direct honest Dutchness into it.

Thank you, Scarlet, for always being so sweet and for taking care of me and others in SCA.

Thank you, Chloe, for being so spontaneous, for listening and caring and for not only making my home but being my home in London.

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