Thanks for Hav-ing As – By @orla27marie & @daisybard

By Orla O’Connor & Daisy Bard


Thanks for Hav-ing As


Our first week at Havas has been amazing – here are our top ten learnings.


  1. Doing more than one brief at once is better for the brain.
  2. Don’t force it – if you need to hang out and be silly for an hour or two, that will probably inform and improve your work later in the day. Just make sure it all gets done to deadline.
  3. Find the comfiest sofa in the agency and make it your second home – your desk is not usually where you get the big ideas.
  4. Offer to make people tea! This is an easy one. Stay humble, you’re at the beginning.
  5. Do spec work on the side to present at the end to your Creative Director. ‘Too keen’ isn’t a thing, and besides it can only help your book.
  6. Take advantage of the awesome subsidised meals in the canteen. Or come visit us for lunch.
  7. Be grateful for how well SCA has set you up for agency life – it feels overwhelming at times but it’s all useful preparation.
  8. Organise your life well. (Holla, Covey’s quadrants.) You don’t want to be late, stressy, rushing, all-work-no-play, or all of the above. If you’re in at 8.30am, all the better to set you up for the day ahead.
  9. Notice if someone’s busy and offer help. They’ll remember that, even if they don’t take you up on it – and maybe next time they’ll ask you directly. Also be prepared to lend a hand over the weekend.
  10. Have fun. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re in the wrong place.

Shout out to Elliot, Tom and Dave – go team <3

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