The Best Advertising Course

It’s Been Emotional

At this point last year I was keen to read every bit of advice I could from previous intakes. I wanted to find out exactly what went on inside the school before I got there. 
Now I’m on the other side of that I don’t feel qualified to give advice or explain what goes on because I’m still not sure how it all works. But it really does. 
So I suppose what I would say is that you have to be ready to put your trust into it fully. Trust Marc and the team. And trust that the bizarre and sometimes uncomfortable stuff you find yourself doing is all of equal importance. It all has a role in the final outcome in some inexplicable way. 
The school has broken award records this year. I imagine it will continue to do so for years to come. I only hope we get hired quick enough before the next round of SCA’ers catch up with us.
For so much of it, I’ve felt like I haven’t had a clue what I’m doing. There have been many moments where I’ve doubted it all. It’s probably only in the final few weeks when I look back that I’ve really started to realise how much I’ve learned. I just don’t know quite how I’ve learned it.
It’s different for each person of course, people develop at different rates and in very different ways. Pete has said a few times, “SCA doesn’t teach how to do advertising, it teaches how you do advertising.”
We’ve spent nine months in the womb of SCA, attached to Marc’s creatively nurturing umbilical chord (sorry about that image). Now we are about to be spat out into some incredible careers. We’re ready to crawl, walk then run. 
A massive thanks to every single student and mentor at SCA.
It’s been emotional.

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