The Blue Light Idea – By @justobserv1ng

Ashley Davies

By Ashley Davies


The Blue Light Idea


A few times now I’ve gone to mentors with ideas that make sense in my head for them to be shot down. ‘Hey (insert mentor here) that was a good looking baby and you picked it up and gave it a good shaking, why?’. I have found it quite difficult killing my babies, most because I’ve only really had myself as critic. Only being here has brought home the importance of alternative opinions and that my ideas are not always the best. My mind makes a good few connections before arriving at what I think is a logical or creative conclusion but when I try and explain it people are left a little confused and I’m confused why they’re confused and the idea is left in the limbo of… well, confusion. 

“Pete mate, sit down and listen to this” I said as it was the best thing he was going to hear all year. “So I have this idea of a blue light…” (I won’t make the actual idea public because I’m still confident it could fly) and before it could take its maiden flight he picked up the figurative shotgun and put a proverbial cap in its ass and in doing so made me question my creative talent.

Our messages need to be understood across a very big platform, if one or two people can’t understand what you’re trying to say then you’re pretty screwed in comms. 

This goes back to what Mark Palmer was saying about Sun and Rain – I think there has been some sun trying to break through my rain clouds. A lot has been said to me these last four weeks and I’m becoming more mindful and conscious to what people have to say. Everyone I have met since being here Is brilliantly interesting and I feel very lucky to be included this eclectic bunch of deep thinkers. I’m already learning a lot from you and I’ll continue to do so whilst also learning a lot about myself. I think Suspend, Understand and Nurture can very much relate to self criticism and many other thoughts you/I have about yourself/myself.

Much like Mr Cain I’m dyslexic and I don’t like writing. Actually I’ve always liked writing but at school I was always told that I trail off and I always managed to mess up the narrative when I write a lot.

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