The Day After Tomorrow – Inspired by @russellbuckley






By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


This week Russell Buckley came in to give us a talk on the future of technology and the impact that’ll have on the world in the run up to 2045, or The Singularity, the point in time when it’s thought that robots will take over the world.

With that in mind, a few of us have had a think on what we’re going to do when that time comes.

  • Jezza: Buddhist monk; so I could chill during the rest of my life on the top of a mountain watching the last sunrises on this blue mattress that we used to call sky.


  • Søren: become a virus coder.


  • Tom: I’d become a beard model. And when I wasn’t working modeling jobs I’d be sponsored by brands to clip small billboards onto my beard and then just saunter around shoreditch.


  • Edward: High-end nostalgia merchant


  • Lawrence: barfly


  • James: Rehab sponsor for Lawrence


  • Ash: Page 3 model


  • Annie: Go up the Bulgarian mountains – technology will never find me there!


  • Joel: I’ll be dead by then.


  • Edwina: Leader of a rebel group that sabotages whatever the computers try to do (using the chicken or egg question to create short circuits)


  • Stephen: I’ll be just behind Joel I would imagine. Maybe the robots will stitch his ticker into my chest when mine packs in. Or something.


  • Mawby: Starting up the resistance #skynet #SarahConnors #thehumansaredead


  • Teddy: Running around in a pair of black converse like will smith licking off shots at the robots.


  • Marco: Robo strip club manager in the lower east side manhattan.


  • Marcella: Marry a robot.


  • Adam: Virtual stripper.


  • Clarissa: I will get in contact with JMac asap and beg him to let me live with him on the moon.


  • Tom E-B: Someone is gonna have to give counselling to all the sad robots. I bet there will be some recently divorced robot hotties.


  • Ben: Be one of the humans in a zoo that the robots visit.


  • Mads: Invest in WD-40


  • Nick: Hopefully dead by then.


  • Charlie: blend into with the robot folk, my years of break dancing will surely help.


  • Zoe: Leave the planet.


  • Georgia: Take up residence on the Moon with a select few. By then they’ll do takeaway deliveries around space.


  • JT: Invest in Virtual sex

– Pugh: buy an island. Start a cult. Flesh worshippers.

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